London Anime Gaming Con Feb 2014 / by Aisha Anime


If you have never heard of London Anime Gaming Con it's merely London Anime Con but with an added dose of gaming! Dedicating one whole extra building  to accommodate the games with lots of tournaments to boot - well when you've been sponsored by Game for about £1000 you need to make an impression on the crowd!

Otaku Fashion show 2014

This year's LAGC have beaten past attendances with a whopping 2,000 people turn out, LAGC really performed better than it’s predecessing events with a more spaced out games area showcasing Game, Namco/Baindai, League of Legends and even card games.

One of the great features of LAC is their abilty to bring famous voice actors from the USA. This year it was the friendly Coleen Clickenbeard. Voicing many of our favourite characters like Yuko from xxxHolic, Trinity Blood – Esther Blanchett, One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy, Fairy Tail – Erza Scarlet, Summer Wars – Noriko Jinnouchi, Borderlands – Lilith,  Space Dandy – Scarlett and so much more. Despite being pregnant, she happily signed peoples posters, took photos with fans and did a great Q&A.

Colleen Clinkenbeard Voice Actress famously know for Luffy from Anime 'One Piece'

Colleen Clinkenbeard Voice Actress famously know for Luffy from Anime 'One Piece'

Cosplay guests included: Chiquitita Cosplay, Stacey Rebecca, Lisa Marie, Tabitha Lyons, Valentine Cosplay, with Artyfakes, Himezawa and more. Chiquitita Cosplay, Stacey Rebecca, Lisa Marie, joined myself and Rebecca Moriarty on stage for the 'Cosplay on TV' panel, where we talked about the perceptions of cosplay, how staged TV is and how you film a lot of footage but alot can be used to convey the opposite.


The cosplay masquerade was an especially great show this year, with impressive character skits and on stage marriage proposal between Zelda and Link, people really got their monies worth with tutorials with ArtyFakes, performances from Ellie Monty, Maid’s of England and Abridgers. Ai My Maid set up a pop up cafe at LAGC supplying some delicious cakes by KD’s Karen’s Kakes and Krafts, it’s great to see the anime community working side by side together.

Great stalls around the venue include Caime selling there exclusive print canvases designed by the brothers themselves. Selling out fast on the Saturday, get your hands on one of these quality art pieces here:

Another highlight was YYKawaii run by Yik Yun the CEO who makes decoden phone cases and now mirrors to suit our kawaii needs. Using Japanese figures and cute accessories to make commissioned pieces too:

Charming Kitsune studio makes some of the highest quality animegao kigurumi masks out of Japan. You may have seen them at Hyper Japan and MCM not saying a word but posing for photos. They also offer skin suits to go with the heads. I took the opportunity to try one on and suprising it is comfortable, light weight and easy to navigate as the eye holes are reasonably sized. Prices vary on the models:

Charming Kitsune masks

Charming Kitsune masks

As the evening went on the live music began on stage by the bar and people were partying hard. A great event to socialise, enjoy fashion, cosplay and buy merchandise.

If you have been put of LAC in the past, it's time for you to re-visit as they organise great entertainment, a wide variety of stall and some console action that was definitely enjoyable.

To find out more details of the next  LAC 2014 in June go here:

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