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For those of you who don’t know me I love comics but I also love HORROR movies and for the past 7 weeks there has been a huge change in tv  shows a new comer Hororcom.

The Show is based on the Legendary Quentin Tarantino Flic FROM DUSK TIL DAWN also called FROM DUSK TIL DAWN tv series. Lets have a look at the trailer that is setting UK NetFlix A Blaze


Quentin Tarantino is an artist in GAUR movies and is well known for having quality twists in his films how ever this series has nothing to do with Him SADLY how ever stay with me the Writers n Producers have paid some clever homage to the original.

Now for those that are unfamiliar with Tarantino’s Epic movie well let me SKOOL YOU SON! 

The movie is based on 2 brothers, Seth (George Clooney) and Richard "Richie" Gecko (Quentin Tarantino), wanted by the FBI and Texas Rangers for a bank robbery that has left several people dead, the 2 brothers are on the run and are heading for Mexico. Along the way they stop at a motel and it is revealed that they had been keeping a bank teller in their car trunk as hostage. While Seth goes out to buy some food, Richie brutally rapes and murders the teller. Seth, who gave the teller his word she wouldn't be harmed if she followed orders, is furious with Richie. Mean while also checking in the hotel Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel), a pastor who is experiencing a crisis of faith, arrives at the same motel with his daughter Kate (Juliette Lewis) and his son Scott (Ernest Liu).

How ever Seth realizing that the family's RV can be used to get them across the border, the brothers kidnap the family, making a truce that if they can make it past the border, Jacob and his family will not be harmed. When the RV reaches the Mexican border, Once they successfully cleared they head to a bar in El Ray named ‘’TITTY TWISTER” (believe it or not there’s a theme bar in Paris with the same name click the hyperlink lol) this is where shit hits the fan the brothers find them selves locked in the middle of nowhere where they meet a brute of a bar-man (Danny Trejo) and an exotic dancer (Salma Hayek) (for me this movie put Hayek on the map of hotness) any ways the Gecko brothers and Jacobs family are now locked in this bar in the middle of nowhere where every staff member turn in to Blood sucking Vampires including Trejo and Hayek on which the oddly put together team have found them selves on a battle for survival.

Im tired of seeing these shows like True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Vampire Diaries or even Twilight that Romance Vampires. they make use believe that you could Fall in Love with them and every thing is like a love song taking away from there scare factor i understand that this is the kind of High School copout most Teens love, but From Dusk Til Dawn have us refocuse the fact that they are scary blood sucking Horrific Creatures. Partly why i think its clever that the Vamps are more like Snake than Bat.

Danny Trejo As a Vamp 1996 From Dusk Til Dawn.

Danny Trejo As a Vamp 1996 From Dusk Til Dawn.

Just like the movie the plot is similar however in the movie the Vampire bat descendant’s where as in the tv show they are Snake Vampires with a full history behind there origins.

SNAKE like Vamp in the New Series

SNAKE like Vamp in the New Series

 The series goes into more details on the Gecko brother’s background and the pursuit to El Ray and more into Richie Gecko Psyche. Seth Gecko played by D.J. Cotrona plays the role very well in comparison to the movie keeps the same mannerisms how ever my only comment on this that he isn’t as dominating olser brother like Clooney in the 1996 movie. How ever Richie portrayed by Zane Holtz playes a lot more twisted killer than his movie counterpart.

Robert Patrick who actually in FROM DUSK TIL DAWN 2 as Buck now plays Jacob in the series (sequal movies wasnt Tarantino creation they were straight up wack).

Daughter of Jacob’s Kate is played by Madison Davenport she plays a more belieivable preachers daughter than her movie counterpart Juliette Lewis but not as hot in my opinion but still FIT.

Scott adopted son of Jacobs plays a more kick ars character in the series. He is played by the same little kid that attacks Ben Stiller in the hillerious seen from Tropic Thunder Brandon Soo Hoo. 

For me I am in 2 minds of which Queen Vampire ‘Santanico Pandemonium’ of the Titty Twister I prefer. In the 1996 film, she is portrayed by Salma Hayek the series Eiza Gonzalez




Salma Hayek as   Santanico Pandemonium

Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium

Eiza González as   Santanico Pandemonium

Eiza González as Santanico Pandemonium

I have been following for weeks this great new show and cant wait for the next episode as the end of each one leaves you at your peak of excitement. My only issue is in the movie there was a lot more swearing and I understand that you cant really have that in a tv show as you would like to capture more of an audience. Just a shame really! but never the less its very gripping.  I will continue to watch this show and add it to my list of regular programming.

I Give From DUSK Till Dawn tv series 4/5 stars


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