Ai My Maid x Miko Miko Kyun at Boba Jam / by Aisha Anime

Group photo with the lovely maids

Group photo with the lovely maids

It seemed only apt that the latest AI My Maid event was to be held at Boba Jam, situated in China Town, famous for their selection of hot and cold Bubble tea and exotic desserts. As the name of the event suggests, the maids attire are 'miko', which is Japanese for shrine maidens. 

Me and my trusty camera-woman Anty turned up at the 3pm session and it was full, not surprisingly the first session attendees stayed for the next session paying a nominal fee, the maids and butlers certainly knew how to keep the customers happy ! Apart from eating the delicious treats and even savoury food but the lovely maids and butlers were there to entertain you as well.

Butler Kazuma

Upon entering you got given a fortune and therefore a chance to win prizes, this included cute rikkuma plushie keyrings, Hello Kitty Notepads, Evangelion 2.22 DVD, Kingdom Hearts Final Remix 1.5, Panda Choc, Nendroid figures and more! 

Some of the games people could choose from for 50p a go or using your lucky fortune (if you won some games):

♥ Connect 4, Pop up pirate, Operation, Farmville, Guess WHo? (Hello Kitty Edition, Whack a Mole and Jenga

♥Console games included Street Fighter, Tekken, Mario Kart and Super Smash brothers - on  PS3 and Wii.Alongside a number of 3DS's so you could have brought your own games too!

♥Request unique talents/performances from our maids/butlers, ranging from singing, dancing and drawing to tarot card reading. 

♥Take special personalised cheki (polaroid pictures) with the maids so you have something to remember them by (you could also win a cheki from your lucky fortune too)

♥If you gained a certain amount of stamps you won one of the larger prizes.

jenga war

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