That's Some Mighty Fine Booty, Honey. / by Steve Russell

Ever wondered what it would be like to get something in the mail that truly took you by surprise, but wasn't a nasty bill of some kind? 

Well, my friends, wonder no more! is a website targeted for the brave geek within you, the one willing to take a risk; you know, that sexy renegade gambler pirate type we all have bubbling under the surface. Right? 


Every month, the fine folks at send off a treasure chest of awesome geeky goodness to arrive on your doorstep. For a subscription cost of $13.37 per month (with pricier options available, depending on the amount of stuff you want each month) you will receive a package that has a guaranteed retail value of $40+

Just look below for a recent example of one of their crates! 

Each month brings with it the promise of new, more exciting products within your LootCrate; the thrill of opening each new crate every month surely being akin to opening those treasure chests in Zelda. The only thing missing from this scenario would be the accompanying 'Opening Chest' track from Zelda, though I'd probably end up playing it off my iPhone each time a new crate arrived. 

What do you guys think? $13 for $40 worth of awesome goodies? Shout down, as always, below and scope out the people at

Steve "The Other Guy" Russell // @stevetendo

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