A Bold Korea Move, Spidey. / by Steve Russell

File this one under weird, and potentially unlicensed. A Korean artist, Eunsuk Yoo, has crafted a 'unique' take on your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, adding a little bit of hard realism to his take on the webbed wonder. 

Hanging over a children's playground, of all places, the statue has, unsurprisingly, gathered a rather high amount of negative attention. You can't go soft on matters like this, in truth. 

Eunsuk was quoted as saying, "My reason for making this piece was to apply the natural and physical phenomenon to a Superhero and depict it natural in the morning without lies and being superficial in a comical way".

I'm curious as to whether the commissioned artist had the necessary rights to be working on a Spider-Man statue at all, let alone one that highlight's Peter's Parker. 

Thanks to the incomparable George Takai for spreading the word on this piece of random news. 

Steve "The Other Guy" Russell // @stevetendo

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