mayamada Samurai Colouring Competition & Interview / by Aisha Anime

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Mayamada has had a great response to the Samurai Chef Colouring Competition and the entries are now upon our website.

We'll be announcing winners soon.


The top three winning entries will receive the following prizes from mayamada:

  • mayamada Oystercard wallet.
  • Samurai Chef Volume 1.
  • Be a named animal character in Samurai Chef Volume 2.
  • A framed copy of your winning entry signed by the team at mayamada.

To see the entries go to:

They have also worked on a 2nd and final volume for Samurai Chef, I interview Nigel from mayamda for more details:

Where did the concept of Samurai Chef come from?


The idea Samurai Chef came from one of the first brainstorm sessions when deciding stories for our first set of characters. 


We wanted to parody cooking shows we were seeing on TV, taking the idea of contestants' dishes being put to a challenged by the judge to an extreme.


We may have also been hungry at the time!


Was there a reason you chose the monkey over your other fabulous character designs?


It wasn't necessarily a choice between characters to play Samurai Chef as each character was developed naturally out of their own story. 


Monkeys are often thought of as playful animals so we'd thought to challenge that perception with a super serious monkey character as the judge on this show.


You mention volume 2 of Samurai Chef is the conclusion, will there be more manga after that?


The Samurai Chef is one of the stories that make up the mayamada universe and there are others including 11th Hour and Hot Lunch.  We'll be getting into those once the Samurai Chef Story is done.


11th Hour is a mystery story featuring four characters who are strangers to each other but become caught in the same plot put in motion by an unknown enemy.


And Hot Lunch is a story centered around a talented team of thieves aiming to bring down a cabal of elite chefs by pulling heists on each one of their protected restaurants one by one.


There are other ideas too, so as we grow we'll aim to continue with these stories while introducing new ones along the way. 


However, this doesn't necessarily mean it's the end of the Samurai Chef.


Mayamada has come a long away since the beginnings, there is more of a prominence on your clothing range than your manga, after volume 2 will you be focusing more on your fashion than manga?


Both are important to the brand, it's likely that at any one time we'll be focusing on one while working on the other in the background. 


Our aim is the create a story driven fashion brand known around the world.  Without the characters and stories the clothing has less meaning.


Right now we want to make the Kickstarter campaign a success so work can begin on the artwork for Samurai Chef Volume 2.  After that we'll turn to creating new clothing designs before coming back to the next story in the mayamada universe.


How did the school colouring project come about?


The original idea came from a close friend of ours suggesting we use the comic artwork as a colouring activity for younger children. 


So naturally we thought of schools and how it the idea could be used to engage students in a creative activity outside of their normal school work.


We may also put together and official colouring book somewhere down the line.


Was the project received well?


The project was well received, we weren't surprised that the kids liked it but it was great to see the teachers take to it also.  We've even been asked to put together a comic creating workshop next term!


We also found out that one of the schools has a manga club and that some of the most read titles in their library are manga books, which was really cool.


Do you think their is hope for manga to be integrated into education?


Absolutely. Manga, and comics in general are a good way to get and keep younger students interested in reading.  This is important because it's around this time when interest in reading tends to drop off.


Too many people write comics off as not a serious thing, but everyone has their own interests and reading is reading.  We don't believe there is only one way to go about it.


The good thing is a lot of kids are getting into manga and that's forcing school libraries to keep up.  We're working on getting Samurai Chef into libraries so we can help push that along.


Plus, once kids are interested then they can incorporate other types of books on their own initiative...but if they're not interested in the first place that will never happen!

For more information on their upcoming events and projects, check out their facebook

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