Amiibo. Yes/No? / by Steve Russell

It's been a few days now since E3, and since Nintendo announced their interesting venture into established Skylander/Disney Infinity territory with their figure concept: Amiibo. 

"It's-a me, the Cash-a Cow."

"It's-a me, the Cash-a Cow."

For those not in the know, using these figures and placing them onto your Wii U Game Pad allows you special features and boosted stats for that specific fighter within the upcoming Smash Brothers game.

An interesting twist allowing integration between figure and game, admittedly, but it's hard to not remain skeptical about it. The figures look kind of cool, but are slightly beefed stats for characters that are already in the game really worth 'x' amount of your hard earned £/$? 

What do you think? As ever: shout out below!

Steve "The Other Guy" Russell // @stevetendo

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