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Terracotta Film festival hit the Prince Charles Cinema for a week packed full of Eastern goodness, with a spotlight on the Phillipines this year. 

With working full time, it was hard to attend the viewing which was a shame as they got a lot of the directors and actors to attend and participate in Q&A's at the cinema and the Opium Bar in oho - the Terracotta Film Festival HQ,

The one film I had melted upon hearing about and did all i could to attend the screening was Commitment. The film was quite serious looking at the conflict of North and South Korea and the use of Spies. Most people may have gotten bored and skipped to another film. However the special enticing gem within this film was in form of Choi Seung-hyun. If that doesn't ring a bell then I'm sure T.O.P does! 

Kpop sensation from the band BigBang was the protagonist of this fast paced thriller.  This hasn't been his first movie role consistently doing one movie a year from 2008. This guy is more than a pretty face and an amazing voice. 

Following the story of  secret agent Ri Myung-hoon, undercover in a South Korean high school, forced to do so whilst his sister is imprisoned in North Korea. He is promised to be reunited with her after the completion of a few hits. Whilst being a hitman he has to also have a fake family and attend classes, he eventually befriends bullied classmate Hye-in who coincidentally has the same name as his sister. No love dovey stuff, that would be gross. 

A controversial storyline looking at corruption in Korea, with amazing martial arts, quick shooting and fast revving!  Seung-hyun (T.O.P.) puts in a brilliant performance carrying off the cold and moody persona of his character flawlessly. This was an interesting choice for Terracotta but it did not fail to impress. next time let's get T.O.P for a Q&A guys ? ^_^

~Aisha Anime~

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