If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking / by Steve Russell

This is a thing.

A genuine concept that has gone from Internet joke to a 'currently in production and looking for funds' project on IndieGoGo. 

The donominations granted dictate the kind of prize you get, as is the case with most crowd funded websites/projects, and in this case it directly relates to the type of rock related goodie you can expect. $5 gets you a thanks with a simple, humble, picture of a rock, whereas at the higher end of the scale, $50 gets you "3 rocks, a  special note, your name will be the credits, and a  rock slightly bigger than the rest" can be yours to call your own.

Unbelievably, people are donating to the project. They're either "in" on the joke, revelling in the irony of it all, or are true, hardened geologists, counting down until the day of this Free-To-Play games release.  

So next time you think of helping a dream come true, for some young developer or film maker, writer or director, spare a moment to think: "Perhaps a rock simulator could use this cash..." instead.

No word yet on a  Zen Garden option, but  there's always future DLC to look forward to.

Steve "The Other Guy" Russell // @stevetendo

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