Interview: Jim Cheung / by Gabe Canada


UK Anifest blogger Gabrial Canada had the opportunity to speak with Marvel artist Jim Cheung briefly at this years C2E2 comic convention in Chicago. Now that the details of Marvel’s secret project, AXIS are coming to light Gabe has revisited his talk with Jim Cheung as it has since been confirmed that he is among the stable of artists providing covers for the series...

Gabe: How are you enjoying C2E2?

Jim Cheung: It has been good. I always enjoy coming to C2E2 and this one has been great as well.

Gabe: One of the things that is really appreciated about your work on Young Avengers is the relationship between Wiccan and Hulkling. I wanted to see how much that weighs upon you as an artist. Do you have to do anything different with a public display of affection between gay characters as opposed to a straight character? That might sound like a silly question but it is interesting and we want to see more relationships like that one in comics.

Jim Cheung: No. Not at all. For me I just approach it very much the same way. It is just a relationship like any other I think. The fact that the characters are so well received I think is down to the writing. As to me I am just following directions.

Gabe: Do you ever have any input in terms of an arc of a story or does the art ever inform some of the characteristics of the characters going forward?

Jim Cheung: On occasion I have some input but for me most of what I do is just following the directions. Most of the stuff they give me is great anyway and I am not being paid to rewrite things.

Gabe: What are you working on at present?

Jim Cheung: Right now the book I have out is Original Sin Zero. That actually came out this week. I haven’t even had the time to pick it up and read a copy for myself.

Gabe: And before that I know recently you were working on Infinity as well.

Jim Cheung: Yes. Infinity was a great project to work on as well. Jonathan Hickman is a great author and hopefully I will get to work with him on something again soon.

Gabe: Anything else coming down the pipeline you are working on or that fans should be looking out for

Jim Cheung: Nothing too much I can speak of at the moment. Right now Marvel just has me doing a bunch of covers for a Secret Project that is coming up. Beyond that they do not have me lined up for any major interiors just yet. Right now they are focusing on original sin. I am not sure when they will start teasing the new thing.

The End... For Now...