It's The FFVII OST, Jim. But Not As You Know It. / by Steve Russell

On my Internet trails, looking for music to listen to as I continue to grind away at my debut novel, Temporary (follow my progress/procrastination over at, I stumbled upon this interesting take not only on Final Fantasy VII, but also fandom in general. 

In 2011, hip hop artist Random (Mega Ran) released a fan album taking the music from Final Fantasy VII and extrapolating each characters stories over their themes through rap. That album is entitled: Black Materia. It makes for a really interesting listen and, although a relative blast from the past, is new to me and, perhaps, you. 

I'm a big fan of when art can help cultivate and inspire new art, so, personally, I'm all for this. 

I've attached a Spotify link for those who want to listen to the interesting sonic experiment.

What do you think? Shout out below!

Steve "The Other Guy" Russell // @stevetendo

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