Cosplay & Gaming at CamCon 2014 - 30th August / by Aisha Anime



Cosplay simply means making or wearing costumes of your favourite characters from movies, comic books, anime and video games. So if you've always wanted to be a Jedi knight, crime-fighting superhero or a certain British video game heroine, why not dress up and join us in costume at CamCon?

CamCon Cosplay Masquerade

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The CamCon Cosplay Masquerade is a chance for everyone coming in costume to show off their costumes on the main stage at 5pm. We'll be giving out prizes for the best handmade costumes, while those with shop bought costumes can take part in the performance contest or just come and parade on stage for fun!

Gaming at CamCon

This year, we will have not one, but two massive gaming areas: a Table-top haven in the balcony overlooking the J2 foyer, and CamCon's biggest Games Arena to date, with the whole of the J3 facility given over to electronic gaming - more news on who/what will be present will be announced when confirmed.

They are very lucky to have the electronic Games Arena sponsored by GAME, Cambridge.

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