Eerie Indiana. / by Steve Russell

Sorry for the radio silence on my part for the past few weeks, UkAniFesters (AniFestimites? Festigans?) but I've been busy in the final run up to the International debut of my short movie, First Date at Gen Con 2014. Sorting out flights, accommodation, as well as figuring out, and fixing, all the final little bits that somehow always get through the cracks in between work has left me wanting with time. 

Tobika has been extremely understanding and supportive during this effort, and I just want to take a moment to personally thank him for that understanding. So, thanks, dude! 

If you happen to be in the Indianapolis area, or are going to the Convention itself - be sure to come check out the movie, screening on Saturday at 7PM in their Short Film Comedy Block. It's been a real effort in getting this film out there into the world, and it's humbling to know that someone out there (in this case: Indiana) likes it enough to want to screen it.

Because of this I'll not only be in attendance for the festival itself, but will actually be apart of a number of panels: 


Film Distribution & Promotion – Panel Thurs 11AM

Life on Set, Shooting your film without getting shot – Panel Thurs 12PM


Film Budget & Finance – Panel Fri 12Pm


Directing Film – Panel Sat 10AM

If you'd like to keep up to date with the going's on of the little punk rock/DIY short movie that could, please be sure to follow the following Twitter Accounts:



And to also frequent my personal blog for updates from the festival and random thoughts/musings @

So, thank you for the support Tobika, and the understanding, from yourself and the people who frequent this great site. Once I touch back down in England, I'll be able to hit the random Anime/Asian news in the way I like to do, bringing it straight to you guys, right here at UkAniFest!

Until then, I just need to figure out where the nearest sports bar is in Indiana so I can catch Summerslam next Sunday!

Steve 'The Other Guy' Russell

@stevetendo // WriteSteveWrite