This short clip shows you the members of μ's before LoveLive! / by Alexander Neri

It's always interesting  getting to know the history our favorite idol groups, whatever the fandom may be-- especially in a powerhouse cast such as μ's (or Muse) in LoveLive! , most of the members are or have had careers in the entertainment industry.

This short clip I found showcases most of them in the years past-some of them doing lines of work outside of singing and dancing, such as being a TV talk show host or even as a gravure model. Yes, that bit from Hanayo's VA is actually of the latter (NSFW). This peek on what they did will show you a different angle on their personas, showcasing  talents that shine through the other side of the looking glass.

Anyway, here's the video:

Do note that some of the comments are funny, too, especially their reaction when shikaco's (kubo yurika/koizumi hanayo) part came in. Personally, my favorite is Yoshino Nanjou (Ayase Eri). What's yours?