[List] Top 3 Anime OPs for Summer 2015 / by Alexander Neri

Hi all! It's been a while since my last post. I've been busy with work-related stuff, but hey, I'm still keeping track of the latest in Anime. And of course, with that in mind, I present to you our top three Anime OP selections for this Summer Anime 2015!

This season has a collection that is totally exciting. We've got fresh voices and styles such as Trysail, as well as works from veteran talents like Lia. Listening to them is definitely a feast when paired with perfectly-timed and animated videos.

Our criteria for selection, as always,

  1. The music should fit the theme of the series
  2. OP video animation fits the song's mood, as well as the anime's story
  3. The sequences and the scenes shot in the OP video is timed well with the music's sequences and tunes

Here we go!

3: Clattanoia - OxT

This is a well-made head-banging OP that will gives you the feel of actually getting into a battle you can't lose. The song nicely fits well with the way the protagonist leads his team of servants through the newly-made world he now lives in. Action sequences also highlight the climax of the song, which gives it a shonen-anime type of feel.

2: Cobalt - Trysail

Cobalt, being Trysail's second song to be used in an anime OP, gives off a feeling of passion, drive and the will to push through any problem with determination. The unit's members are voice actresses Natsukawa Shiina (18), Asakura Momo (20), and Amamiya Sora (21), in which Amamiya Sora voices Shirasaki Iris in the title. Also, the OP animation is flawless, which keeps the movement in the screen at least sustained and consistent through key points in the song.

...Somehow the vocals remind you of ClariS, doesn't it?

1: Bravely You - Lia

One of Key's mainstay artists is Lia, whose vocals convey a sense of both melancholy and joy. Her rendition of "Bravely You" will remind you of past works such as Angel Beats!, Clannad - After Story (anime) and of Little Busters!. One sequence of the song also somehow "separates" itself from the rest, somehow simulating how "thoughts" or "memories" are seen. That, coupled with a smooth and crisp animation storyboard to go with it, conveys a story with a secret to tell. This is definitely one of the OPs that I have mashed the repeat button with on Youtube.

That's that. Runners-up are from Joukamachi no Dandelion, GATE, the insane Shimoneta and the unbearably cute Umaru-chan.

What's your favorite op this season?

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