Review: The Wailing / by UKAnifest

The Wailing [DVD]
Starring Do-won Kwak, Jung-min Hwang, Jun Kunimura, Woo-hee Chun, Hwan-hee Kim

Hi Civilians, 

 The film that sent waves in the Korean box office and all over the world has finally come to the UK. The Korean title 'Goksung' pertains to the rural village where the film is placed, but this village is not like any other... this is the wailing.

The Sticky

"The South Korean box office smash, The Wailing, is a riveting police investigation which turns into a sensationally terrifying thriller as a likeable cop is drawn into a nightmarish hunt for a source of pure evil disturbing this quiet, rural village." Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment


The Bones

  A guy has stabbed his wife and kids to death for no premeditated reason. Jeon Jong-gu and his police unit get to the area and this is where we see the plot untangle. As more family murders happen suspects emerge and the 'so-called' killers are found to be covered within rashes and boils.  Rumors circulate about a middle aged Japanese man who arrived only when these situations occur, this only adds to the confusion and randomness in this violent, scary and suspenseful film.


There's nothing more scary about a film that has you fearing something that you cannot see straight away or something that you cannot comprehend. The Wailing makes you want to see what happens next, it starts with a series of gruesome deaths and ends with a plot twist that you have to watch twice just to absorb the true nature of what just happened. The plot, scripted and directed by Hong-jin Na on the surface makes some sense but in its randomness gives the viewer a sense of surrealism making good use of suspense, gore and shock keeping you on the edge of your seat.
The director draws upon ancient customs to show a dark, primitive tone where story is first and violence is second. This thriller crosses the line between suspense and horror, associating itself amongst films like The Exorcist, Poltergeist and 28 days later to give you a genre crossing sublime film. The film runs at 2hrs 56minutes long keeping you engaged in the drama and yes the GORE but it does so with such elegance that this has to be the Korean film of the year. 


The End

This movie is the 8th biggest Korean opening of all time and has the making for being one of the best Korean films to date. It is a fun, thrilling and gory movie that has all depth of a Hollywood movie and all the guts of a indie film.  The characters are the focal point of this film and it is a better film for it. As we keep saying, we need to keep Asian film alive in the U.K. and this is an offering that you cannot refuse to watch. Powerful and mesmerising you need to purchase this NOW and watch late at night for full effect. 

This movie comes highly recommended and is definitely one to watch!

Film: ★★★★★ /Extras: ★★★☆☆ /Disc: ★★★★☆