Review: Marvel Knights Collection by Steve Russell

It's difficult to determine who, exactly, this collection is aimed at. Obviously there's the hardcore faithful; those who will purchase anything that has the Marvel logo emblazoned upon it, and now there is that growing audience, the casual fan, that kind of fan that although not incredible knowledgable about any particular hero or their history is a fan of what the character represents over all. This collection, put out under the Marvel Knights logo in itself an branch of Marvel comics that ties now ties into main canon Marvel storylines.

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Lady Death - Trying to take on the east with no budget or talent by shadebug

I've always been somewhat annoyed that we all focus so much on Japanese animation when there must be plenty of decent animation coming out of the west. Certainly there's some fantastic stuff for kids and primetime comedy coming from the US and Europe produces lots of awesome art house stuff, but we're always lacking that broad appeal. So I was very happy to see the upcoming Lady Death DVD land on my desk. If only I had been able to stay happy.

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