And so, the anime fought by shadebug

Have you been watching GATE? It's a pretty fun show like a more realistic Outbreak Company but I wasn't going to write about it because it seems pretty popular so I figure you'll find your way to it. But then I saw an article on Crunchyroll about it and suddenly it was time for a rebuttal.

Check out my rebutt.

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Why to Watch: School-Live! by shadebug

OK, so clearly nobody followed my instructions in my last post where I asked you to, sight unseen, watch School-Live! I even gave you this link so that all you would have to do is click on it and waste 24 minutes of your life.

Now I still want you to know nothing about that first episode when you watch it but if you must be spoilt then come with me while I explain why it was worth me coming out of my year long slumber to tell you about this.

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