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Custom Crowns: Versatile Fashion by Aisha Anime

custom crowns

Fashion is dictated by the latest trends on the catwalk and even picking up a jumper from the bargain bin shows hints from a past season when that jumper was based on a design that was popular, Custom crowns is streetwear that aims to delete the beginning. Using their velcro passion to create 100's of designs so you don't have to be left with one look.

Expertly crafted; with attention to detail, form and functionality. With our Custom Crowns velcro snapbacks and truckers, you take control. Create your style. Customise your crown. The (capslaps) patches features their own signature designs in collaboration with independent artists, familiar brands and even take bespoke commissions. Why should fashion be limited?

Kickstarter launching soon but they have already had people snap up their hats ; such as Ed Sheeran, THE FIRST KINGS (X Factor), KORR-A and SNOOCHIE SHY.

the first kings

The team behind Custom Crowns started out with a shared love of fashion, design and art. Collectively,  tired of how generic the caps offered by so many companies were becoming and even though the cap market is booming we felt their was room for a more niche product that would encompass the individuality that so many of us crave these days. 

They spent time researching and sourcing materials that would give them confidence that they could offer something different to anything currently on the market. 

Through their innovative design concept they wanted to give their customers something they will love and cherish and rush to show their friends. As importantly wanted to create an ethical business that gives back to the local community while simultaneously supporting many talented artists from around the world.



The three guys behind Custom Crowns:

MARK ISLE has strong background in art, design and fashion. Mark heads up the creative side of Custom Crowns - working on all aspects of product design and development. Historically, Mark ran several successful online fashion platforms selling 3rd party brands. Mark also ran a web design & development company with his brother, helping clients with branding, design and marketing

ADEL ALI KHAN deals with the PR side of things and has a strong background in journalism and fashion with a degree in Business and Law. Adel runs the operational side of the company. Adel started working in fashion when he was 17 years old. Since then he has gone on to work for brands such as Hugo Boss and Inditex.Adel also ran a catering company, where he built and sold boutiquefood pods, for individuals and companies.

KOFI OPPONG comes with a wealth of  retail background that spans 30 years. This includes a 10-year career at JD Sports followed by 10 years working as product manager for Nike. A trainer collector with over 200 pairs of shoes, Kofi now runs Urban MBA - A charity that supports urban adults between the ages of 18 – 25 to set up and sustain their business

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Kawaii Korner: Fuzzy moon by Aisha Anime

fuxxy moon logo

Recently I won a giant giveaway from Kawaii B an online community who promote independant handmade brands and they all get together to share their photos and products to the world. One of the contributors was Fuzzy Moon. Which included a plastic sparkly bracelet, robot brooch and fluffy cat ears.

Who are the ppl behind Fuzzy Moon?

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

A  small team of two people: Joana Neto, Brand owner Jordan Terry, Co-owner and partner. For many years, Jojo dreamt of giving people fashion but in lower prices. She never had a fixed genre in mind  as mainstream fashion didn't feel expressive enough. After some of her love of Japan entered the internet and researched Japanese fashion, Fairy Kei and Mahou kei sprung to mind, and she loved how diverse it can be! Diverse, unique with a hint of DIY which shows so much character.

A great advantage was Jojo studied fashion in college, nothing too in detail, just some techniques and projects. She gained confidence to experiment much more in the field with the knowledge she learned. Other than that, its purely a hobby, which they decided to take further and share with everyone who loves the fashion

How did you come up with the name?

"The sparkles of the fashion styles reminds me of the sky and how comfortable everything seemed. That's where the Fuzzy (comfortable feeling) Moon (beautiful stars and galaxies) came from. My items are inspired by dreams, self expression, and magical girls!"

All her items are in fact handmade  even as far as to making mould and such. This gal is hardcore and not afraid of experimenting! Based in the UK, I met up with her at MCM and wore a few of her items on the Catwalk for the Harajuku Fashion show.

Since they are new, starting last year in December "we still are a little baby in this world. But we plan to go to as many conventions as possible."

Top Picks

Eyebow hair clips,

eyeball clips

The eye colours are available in Yellow, blue (two shades), green and brown (two shades). These have so many variations possible, and I really want to explore this design later down the line =) These are actually hair clips but I used it to jazz up my shoes instead - very versatile accessories and very trendy due to the Kyari Pamyu Pamyu faze. $12

Star love necklace

shooting star necklace

Hi magical fairies =). Welcome to the wonderland of Fuzzy Moon, where you can find unique designs for your fairy needs.

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with love, magic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. £13

Shooting star bracelets

shooting star bracelet

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with lovemagic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. $3.30

Currently working on some new word necklaces and also designing some clothing, watch this space for more updates - 





Lastly what does it mean to you to be part of the Kawaii B community?

Its an honour to be part of the community. Everybody is super friendly too. To gather everyone with the same interests and to help each other when needed for anything, is also what is behind our brand: to offer something unique at a low price so anyone can get anything super cute.

Find more the contributors features on Ukanifest from the Kawaii B collective.

Website - http://www.kawaiib.co.uk/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kawaiibuk


Photo of Aisha Anime & Jojo from Fuzzy Moon by League Of Extraordinary Cosplayers