Review: Hakuoki Series Two Collection DVD by Chris Tang

After reviewing Series One, I guess it's only right that I should watch the second series too. While I wasn't totally satisfied with the first series, there was enough there to keep me interested and wanting to know what happened next. Series two was released in the UK earlier this month. “Hakuoki Series Two Collection” on DVD is a two-disc set, containing ten episodes, five on each disc.

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Review: Infinite Stratos Collection DVD by Chris Tang

Monday 17th February sees the release of the Infinite Stratos Collection on DVD, an anime series based on the light novels of Izuru Yumizuru, which contains all twelve episodes from the first series, plus an OVA episode set after the events of the series. It's a two disc set, with seven episodes on disc one, and five episodes on disc two, plus a few extras thrown in for good measure.

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