Western Animation

Review: TMNT Ultimate Showdown by Steve Russell

Those teenage brothers are back in another DVD offering from Nickelodeon, featured in the final collection of Season One, aptly titled: Ultimate Showdown. 

Collecting the final six episodes of Season One onto this DVD set, the new reimagined version of the TMNT connects the threads of the story, developed over the course of the series, in order to deliver the pay off in the titular ultimate showdown between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

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Whatever you're doing can't possibly be as important as Mysterious Cities of Gold news by shadebug

I have to apologise profusely for not getting this news to you earlier but it turns out that there is currently a KickStarter running to fund getting the new Mysterious Cities of Gold game cross platform and into languages that people who have left school can speak. In fact, I've missed the boat so hard that it's already hit funding and all you're paying for now is stretch goals and a copy of a game which, at the very least, can be guaranteed to have an awesome theme tune. The best theme tune.

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Lady Death - Trying to take on the east with no budget or talent by shadebug

I've always been somewhat annoyed that we all focus so much on Japanese animation when there must be plenty of decent animation coming out of the west. Certainly there's some fantastic stuff for kids and primetime comedy coming from the US and Europe produces lots of awesome art house stuff, but we're always lacking that broad appeal. So I was very happy to see the upcoming Lady Death DVD land on my desk. If only I had been able to stay happy.

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