Cel-ga by UKAnifest


Hi Civilians, 

 We have some fantastic news for all collectors. Cel-ga a new company that sells original anime cels for you to buy and collect, a cel is a celluloid picture that is transparent in nature to give you that film like feel. 


The Sticky

" The Japanese Gallery is proud to present a collection of Original Japanese Animation Cels. These ‘Cel-ga’ are Original hand-produced items that come from the production companies and were used in the production of the shows, including some rare items from Studio Ghibli, Dragon Ball and others.


The process for making Cel-ga involves first the creation of a hand drawn sketch, which is then traced and hand painted with acrylic paint to create one frame of animation. This traditional method has been replaced by digital techniques in recent years where the sketch is scanned and then coloured on a computer, so these Cel-ga are one off collector’s items as they are no longer produced in this way."Cel-Ga



 So if you want to get some cool, seriously one off Japanese cells then log on and visit Cel-ga for your exclusive items.  


Website: Cel-Ga



Chrome Browser Theme - Shiina Mayuri by Alexander Neri



Check out this new theme for Shiina Mayuri from Steins;Gate! With this theme, your daily tutturu meter will always be filled. The theme features her character image, along with a variable background that features the grit and the darker fate that belies her in the Alpha World line. The theme also features the Divergence Value 1.30238%, where her ending, “Stardust Sky”, exists.

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ClariS Reunion Version - Chrome Theme by Alexander Neri


Hi guys :D It’s been a while since my last post. Been quite busy over the past few weeks ^^;

Anyway, here’s something for all you ClariS Fans out there! Just last week I completed and released a google chrome theme based on ClariS’ Reunion version. The theme is installable via the Chrome webstore, so check it out!

The theme uses an image that tiles horizontally, so it supports various browser and screen sizes. The main image sits inside via the ntp_attribution block, so it will show up properly and evenly in any resolution—starting at 768 height.

So yep! Download and install in the webstore here:

If you’ve got comments, suggestions and feedback/bug issues just send an email, or send the report via the feedback form on the Chrome Webstore.

Hope you enjoy it!