Live Events / by UKAnifest


Hi Civilians, 

 As you know we want to provide you with the most up to date information about events in the UK. Now you can keep up to date anytime, anyplace and anywhere by viewing our live page!!

As we want to keep it simple we have given the power to our website and introduced a separate blog within our live page so that you can view all the information as and when our bloggers post them!! Its simple, if you want minute by minute views and cannot be bothered to search social media you can view updates through us... and may i add it is LIVE!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 02.46.42.png
Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 02.47.06.png

All bloggers that will be attending the various events will be on hand to send live pics and also live information on the day. So if you see any of us in the #ukanifest t-shirt then 'come join us' so that we can take pics, have fun and ask you questions... you never know you might be on the website!!

The next event is: LFCC Winter