Animeleague launches Bristol & Cardiff events in 2015 by Aisha Anime

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Run by fans for fans, this action packed event takes place from 10:30am – midnight this 3-4 October at the Bristol Future Inn for all ages. You can book now for just £8 for Saturday or £7 for Sunday! Lineup shall feature Cosplay, Dealers, Performers, TCGing, Anime, Gaming Tournaments, Parties and more with dozens of activities including the Cosplay Masquerade with a £100 first-prize up for grabs, Talent Show, the Otaku Quiz & more. We shall be hiring both the top & bottom floors to ensure there’s plenty of space to put on a large number of activities.

This event is run by Animeleague, one of the world’s largest anime communities, run by fans for fans, who shall also be running Cardiff Anime Con on 8-9 August, Alcon in Leicester on 3-6 September and London Anime & Gaming Con on 7-8 February. Make sure to also check these events out.

We are also pleased to announce that Animangapop shall be coming on board as an official affiliate to this shows, with their Plymouth Animangapop event becoming a sister event. 8bitplanet, SkyBot Film and GeekOut shall also be coming on board as official supporters. If you’re interested in affiliating with us then please email info@animeleague.com




- Cosplay Chillout Area; Community will be a key part of our Cosplay Chillout & Photography Area. Whether you’re a begineer or pro or just someone who want to have fun we will have something for you.
- The Cosplay Masquerade with a £100 first-prize; Show-off your cosplay on stage. We invite all cosplayers to enter our cosplay contest on the Sunday.
- Cosplay Guests, Talks & Workshops; We will have some of the most renowned cosplayers in the UK guest-starring at this year’s event. They will provide talks and workshops throughout the day.


- Anime Bar & Chillout; The bar will be turned over to an anime viewing and chillout area during the daytime. You will be able to watch your favourite anime.
- Manga Artists; Will be present as part of our Artists Alley. This will also include an area where you can sit down, draw and learn new art-tricks.
- Anime/Geek Exhibitors; Your favourite dealers will be there where you can pick up anime, gaming and general geek merchandise. We will announce the exhibitors closer to the event.
- Live J-Pop/Anime themed Performers; There will be several live performers from J-Pop, Anime inspired singers and performers throughout the day.


8bitplanet shall be providing the gaming. This will include;
– Consoles to sit down and play games with your friends with. Will be both retro and modern.
– Tournaments with prizes including Smash, Mario Kart 8, SSIV and more.
– A full lineup of tournaments and signups will be announced closer to the event.


Stage will feature events, talks and performances from 11am through to 8pm on each day. A full timetable will be released closer to the event. Events include;
- Dub That Anime; The aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a 30 second clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. In fact..think Abridging! This can be done as an individual or group.
- The Talent Show; Do you have a hidden talent, be it singing, dancing, stand-up performing or pretty much anything? Come enter the Talent Show, show it off and win a £30 cash prize and the opportunity to develop your act with us and star on stage at our future events!
- Otaku Quiz; Various rounds on both anime and other more general subjects over five rounds. Get some friends together, make your own quiz team, and join in the fun. We guarantee a good time and much randomness!
- Many more events to be confirmed!


- Roleplaying; There will be a number of pen and paper roleplaying games being run in the bar. More info to come.
- TCGing; There will be tournaments with prizes provided throughout the day including Vanguard, Yu Gi Oh and MTG.
- Boardgaming; Your favourite board games and some you’ve never heard of shall be provided. Come along and have fun!


We ARE the party convention! Your ticket includes, free of charge, access to all the parties and late-night events up until midnight on Saturday and Sunday (Same venue). The parties shall feature Free Glowsticks, Free lollipops, Dance-Off Contests with Dancers and Variety Acts through to past midnight.
Of course, if partying is not your scene, there will be a range of alternate late-night events including Karaoke and casual gaming.