Ace Attorney

Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney by Aisha Anime

proff layton title

Publisher: Level-5 and Nintendo

Developer: Capcom

Platform: 3DS

Genre: JRPG/puzzle

Price: currently £29.86

Rating: 4/5

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Nintendo bring us the best of both worlds in pocket gaming. This is a crossover of RPG with tons of joint-developed by Level-5 and Capcom and published by Level-5 for the Nintendo 3DS bringing us our favourite characters in a new environment. You can see from the intro that Level-5's Professor Layton puzzle series has the foundation with  Capcom's Ace Attorney characters adding some spice to the story.

The strangest thing for me was to see two different characters designs living in the same world, simplistic art of Professor Layton characters interacting full anime style characters from Pheonix Wright. However the story is completely independent of both games, the characters are drawn into the world of Labyrinthia.

After a strangers appears at the Professor’s door with a letter from one of his students Carmine, he is compelled to help the damsel Espella in her quest to prove she is not a witch. Enter Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey flying over to London for a Law exchange where he randomly asked to represent the same girl but in different attire and acting very peculiar.

The game has two main styles of gameplay, adventure rpg and Witch Trial, which feature elements from the Professor Layton and Ace Attorney however both groups of characters get involved.

This reminds me of a puzzle!

During the adventure segments you can explore areas, converse with characters and unlock new areas. Through searching areas is how you can find the useful ‘hint coins’ which can be used in puzzles and in court too. Similar gameplay control as in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask or PC point and and click.

Witch Trials

We take control of good ole Phoenix Wright as he cross-examines witnesses in order to defend his client and begins to sweat when he is questioned. The main task is to look for contradictions in the witness statements, you listen to it once then you can pick on certain parts when they repeat and present evidence to contradict their statement. If the player presents the wrong evidence at the wrong time, the player will lose a strik which can prematurely end the game, at the same time win the case with all your strikes this goes towards bonus Picorats. Whilst cross-examining a witness, the option will soon be available to watch other witness reactions to the person speaking so you can use one witness to refute another.


The game features original voice acting from the Professor Layton and Pheonix Write games and animated cutscenes, which we’re used to from the Professor Layton games but is a new addition for Pheonix Wright and flows well.

Level-5 announced that they would release downloadable content for the game, including a new storyline, written by Shu Takumi, which will be split up in 12 episodes. It is playable when the game has been cleared once. The content will be offered every week till September 2014. You can also use your picorats to unlock bonus material.


Back to the plot once Professor Layton and Luke are transported to the medieval looking city Labyrinthia shortly after the trial of Espella in London, Pheonix and May get transported too but they both in different time frames and Pheonix and Maya have assumed roles of Bakers. The town is controlled by by the Story Teller, whatever he scribes into his book becomes the towns reality, while the town are happy, the storyteller has recently written up the rising of the great witch Bezella. The towns folk are distraught trying every female they can as witches to prevent Bezella from burning the town to ashes. Espella is charged with being a witch, Bezella no less but as you play the game you begin unravel a bizarre story twist. She is in fact the daughter of the story teller…say whaaat?? Why would he write such a terrible fate for his daughter?


The heroes split into groups every so often to solve puzzles, see the story teller and also defend Espella in court with great cut scenes and adorable puzzles.  As obvious as it seems someone in high authority looks pretty suspicious with her cat ears but no one cares to question. As much as the story can get predictable and puzzles crop up and high tension moments, you are certainly not going to fathom the ending. This game is a must buy as far as I’m concerning, I would normally get frustrated with theis games as a whole, but the mix made things easier for me to deal with – no now is not the puzzle for a puzzle – fuuuuuu! With at least 25 hours of game play without doing the bonus puzzles and dlc.

puzzle time

Lastly Cosplay future, I will be adding this to my future game articles, mentioning a character I’d like to Cosplay or see cosplayed, it’s gotta be:

High Inquisitor Darklaw, meow !

Feel free to look through my personal favourite moments from the game, photos taken by myself.

Feel free to look through my personal favourite moments from the game, photos taken by myself.

Feel free to tell me your favourite one liners too XD

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