All4Play Network Advertising UK AniFest by Steve Russell

As a related, tie in, post to my previous article I wanted to take this opportunity to officially announce my involvement with the up coming YouTube video game channel: All4Play Network, and would love the support of the UK AniFest community in helping to further develop the Network, spreading the word of the videos we create on a weekly basis. 

Taken from the network, in regards to my contribution:

"Steve Russell acts as host and alternative commentator for his web series: Watch Me Comm. Providing a unique insight into any match up, Steve's knowledge of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, coupled with his sense of humour, always adds up into a winning formula, promising an always entertaining viewing experience."

And here are a few examples of my work, the first an MMA fight, the second an example of the wonderful world of professional wrestling: 

We also have shows including Let's Go...Loco, with Jamieson Lawson, and Better Late Than Never w/Lee Gavin; a show that follows Lee trying massively popular games for the first time, usually years after their initial release. 

So, please, jump on over, check out some of the videos, like and, of course, subscribe. Going forward we have been actively advertising UK AniFest within the videos, and would love to see some Anime/Wrestling/Video Game/MMA fans jump on over to support the channel. 

Steve "The Other Guy" Russell // @stevetendo

All4Play Network