Black Butler

Black Butler Coming To UK Cinemas!! by UKAnifest


Hi Civilians,

 We have news that the anime adaptation Black Butler is coming to the UK on the 17th October 2014. Warner Bros have decided to give the big Japanese title a cinema run so let's support the community but going to see this amazing movie. 

Based on the best-selling comic series written and illustrated by Yana Toboso, the long awaited live-action film “Black Butler” finally arrives in UK cinemas. 

The Sticky

"Hiro Mizushima of “BECK” (2010), portrays the perfect, but arrogant, demonic butler, Sebastian, in this stylish action film directed by Kentaro Otani of the “NANA” series, and Keiichi Sato of “Asura” (2012).

Mummified dead bodies of various dignitaries from around the world are being discovered, a mysterious tarot card left beside them at the scene. The world is headed towards chaos... "

Kuroshitsuji Live Action Review by Storyaboutagirl

In University I remember learning about the progress from manga to anime and beyond. If I still remember correctly it goes something like this: A manga starts out serialised in a magazine, then if it does well it gets its own volumes. If it sells well it gets an anime, may be some drama CDs and finally a live action movie or a drama series. During this process it acquires a large number of fans...

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