London Anime & Gaming Con: Cosplay & Manga by Aisha Anime

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London Anime & Gaming con may have changed the date of the event but the entertainment has not been compromised in anyway ! This is one of the few cons that once you pay your entry you won't be paying any extra to access facilities, watch panels or get autographs !

Anime/Manga star

Anime Voice Actress - Maggie Blue O'Hara will be attending to do a panel and sign items for her fans ! Maggie is famous for the voice of anime classic Bulma from Dragonball Z, Tomoyo Daidouji (or Known as Madison in the American Dub) from Cardcaptor Sakura and Mariemaia Khushrenada from Gundam Wing as well as  cartoon series such as Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde from X-Men:Evolution.

Other anime themed events to look for is the Anime Cafe which shall be a merged Maid Cafe with Ai My Maid showing the anime screenings in the side room courtesy of MVM Films. It shall be a great chance to see the newest anime without ads!

There will also Asian Movie Night On Saturday from 7pm we have a special Asian cinema night courtesy of Third Window Films. Keep checking for the title nearer the time :-)

Talks from Leading Creators and Fans - The makers of the Princess Monoke Fan Film, Wolf Girl will be present as well as K&K productions, the creators of the Saiyan Saga Trailer which received over 6 million youtube hits online. Other guest speakers to include internet presences such as famous anime reviewer GiggUK and several of the abridgers. Anime Exhibitors - Expect a wide range of anime and gaming merchandise, DVDs, manga and more, as well as some of the UKs most well known manga and comic artists in attendance. A full list of exhibitors and artists in attendance will be released closer to the event. 

Manga Workshops & Artist Alley - UK's top artists will provide advice and workshops on Manga for artists of all levels! Make sure to also check out their independent works and collaborations with other publishers. This is a great chance to support British artists and own a piece of unique art or make a commission, treat yourself to a manga portrait by one of your favorite artists.

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We have cosplay guests attending who will be selling prints, doing panels and walking around so come and say hello to them.

ArtyFakes Action Props (Props Company)
Chiquetita Cosplay (Cosplay Guest, Signings & Photos) 
Lisa-Marie Cosplay (Cosplay Guest, Signings & Photos)
Ming Costumes (Cosplay Costumes)
Stacey Rebecca (Cosplay Guest, Signings & Photos)

With over 12 hours of cosplay stage content, a cosplay zone and photography area and many fun cosplay events, here's the top highlights of what to look forward to:

#1. The Cosplay Community Coming Together - Community will be a key part of our Cosplay Chillout Area where many of the UK's top cosplay stars and groups will come together to form new frienships. Whether you're a begineer or pro or just someone who want to have fun we will have something for you. 

#2. The Cosplay Masquerade with over £300 in prizes - Show-off your cosplay on stage. We invite all cosplayers to enter our cosplay contest on the Sunday, with £100 cash prize and £100 in gift certificates from sponsor Harukazecosplay Wigs for the winner and a pair of LAGC tickets to Feb 2015 for 2nd and 3rd places worth over £40 each! . All masquerade participants will be invited to afterward relax and network with our cosplay stars and key figures in the cosplay community. 

#3. Cosplay Stars & Talks - We will have twelve of the most renowned cosplayers in the UK guest-starring at this year's event. Go check out who is attending on the guest page HERE. As well as having tables in our cosplay zone, they will host talks on community, costume-design, prop-making, modelling, performance and photography. 

#4. Fun and Creative Cosplay Events - Events to get involved with include the Cosplay Auction where you put yourself up for bid to raise money for GamesAid, the Cosplay Blind-Date to make friends or maybe find your valentines sweetheart before the big day, and the Cosplay Mashup, a fun variety show featuring a series of mini-games of anything from making a cosplay out of random items in 5 minutes to improvised dance-offs in character. 

#5.There will also be the Otaku Fashion Show, where you can show off your unique style from Lolita to steampunk to Goth or anything Japanese goes! This will not be your average fashion show, this will be creative and colourful. This show does not discriminate, and is open to both the general public as well as professional models; anyone can enter no matter your size or shape. 

This is just a selection of things to happen, so keep up todate with new new additions on the website http://www.londonanimecon.com/

Photos by Caroline Mound Photography

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