Japanmatsuri by UKAnifest


Hi Civilians, 

 Today is the day that Japan comes to the UK. Japanmatsuri is a festival that showcases the Japanese culture and food delights to Trafalgar Square.  


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"London’s very own and much loved festival of Japanese culture – Japan Matsuri – returns this year on Sunday 25th September to Trafalgar Square, one of the capital’s most famous landmarks. Now in its 8th year and a regular fixture in the London calendar, this energetic annual event brings people together to enjoy an amazing day of Japanese food, music, dance and so much more. It’s a firm family favourite attracting large numbers of children and young people. And it’s absolutely free!"Japanmatsuri.com


This year there are some special appearances from a number of renowned Japanese performers (for some it's there first appearance in the U.K). They also have dance routines from Aozasa Shishi Odori (deer dancers) and the extremely popular Radio Taiso musical exercise team that get the people of Trafalgar Square stretching and dancing in unison. The unmissable Joji Hirota and the London Taiko Drummers will be beating the drums and magician Taiju Fujiyama will dazzle you with traditional Japanese magic.

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So it's your chance to grab some of that Japanese culture today. This is an event you do not want to miss.  


Sunday 25th September 2016, 10am – 8pm at Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN




Hyper, Hyper!! by UKAnifest


Hi Civilains, 

Hyper Japan runs from Friday July 15 to Sunday July 17 at Olympia in London.  The festival will feature a 'Game & Anime Park' area 'dedicated to otaku merchandise and activities,' with Crunchyroll, Nintendo and other companies getting in on the event.


The festival has also confirmed the following anime-related guests:



Azumi Inoue, who sung the songs in Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro and Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

The Vocaloid character IA.  IA's voice is provided by the singer Lia, who sang theme songs for Air, Clannad, Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino, Angel Beats!, Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku, Little Busters! Refrain, and Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil.


- Kaoru Wada, musician for numerous anime including Ninja Scroll, InuYasha, D.Gray-man and D.Gray-man Hallow.

- Suwa Michihiko, Chief Producer at the animation department of Yomiuri TV, who has production credits on many incarnations of Detective Conan, City Hunter, InuYasha and Yawara!

- Watanabe Tetsuya described as "a leading advertising agency producer of Japan," who has worked on such series as Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (The File of Young Kindaichi).

- Hirokatsu Kihara. He formerly worked in production at Studio Ghibli, where he was involved in Castle in the Sky, My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service.

- Takaaki Kono, a Japanese male singer who sings  covers anime songs.


There will also be Manga workshops all over the show with your favourite anime distributors like Manga Entertainment, Anime Limited and MVM just to name a few.

This is your time to get a ticket (still some tickets are available at the door) and have fun in a place where you can be a kid again... plus enjoy the saki!!

link: hyper-japan


LEAFF - London East Asia Film Festival by UKAnifest


Hi Civilians, 

A new film festival taking place from 23 to 25 October 2015 at Odeon Leicester Square, Odeon Covent Garden and Odeon Panton Street is going to blow your mind!

The new London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) will offer a small, selective showcase of major titles from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. In this first year the festival is pulling no stops to bring you the very best...


VETERAN on Friday 23 October at Odeon Leicester Square; this Opening Night Gala will welcome top Korean director Ryoo Seung-wan and producerKang Hye-jung to present the film.


The festival will close with Soi Cheang’s organ transplant actioner SPL2 - A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES, a Chinese-Hong Kong collaboration featuring muay thai superstar Tony Jaa.


Over the weekend there will be UK premières of Bi Gan’s time-confounding Chinese reverie KAILI BLUES, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s ghostly romantic drama JOURNEY TO THE SHORE, Dodo Dayao’s diabolical apocalypse VIOLATOR.Hong Won-chan’s bureaucratic slasher OFFICE, and Sabu’s heavenly comedy CHASUKE’S JOURNEY.

So get your tickets now as they are nearly all gone! Head over to www.leaff.org.uk

LEAFF full line-up and timings:

VETERAN: Ryoo Seung-wan | Action Crime | South Korea | 124min | 2015, European Premiere, Q&A with director Ryoo Seung-wan and producer Kang Hye-jung
Opening Gala, Friday 23rd Oct, 7pm, Odeon Leicester Square.
KAILI BLUES: Bi Gan | drama | China | 110min |2015, UK Premiere
Saturday 24th Oct, 3pm, Odeon Panton Street.
JOURNEY TO THE SHORE: Kiyoshi Kurosawa | drama | Japan| 128min | 2015, UK premiere
Saturday 24th Oct, 6pm, Odeon Covent Garden.
 VIOLATOR: Dodo Dayao | Horror | Philippines | 101min | 2014, UK Premiere
Saturday 24th Oct, 9pm, Odeon Covent Garden, co-presented with Terracotta Distribution.
OFFICE: Hong Won-chan | Thriller | South Korea | 111min | 2015, UK Premiere
Sunday 25th Oct 1pm, Odeon Panton Street.
CHASUKE'S JOURNEY: Sabu | comedy | Japan | 106min |2015, UK Premiere
Sunday 25th Oct, 3.30pm Odeon Panton Street.
SPL2 - A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES: Soi Cheang | Martial Arts Action | Hong Kong China | 118min | 2015, UK premiere
Sunday 25th October 7pm, Odeon Leicester Square.