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J-Fashion Bring & Buy sale hits Shorditch by Aisha Anime

Bring And Buy Bunting :-D

Bring And Buy Bunting :-D

Since the movement of Lolita & J-fashion movement transcended the exclusive events we've had an array of small meets develop into a larger scale of events. Since the larger events need more time and organisation  to prepare a few bunch of ladies every so often host small meets. One of which Felicity Clifton & Roxie Sweet Heart (designer) hosted recently.

On 8th August a bunch of us (me included) came early to Bethnal Green's the Working Men's club hall to set up for the super kawaii event. Unknown to us we would walk into a hall with a stage and light up heart background, perfect for all your Lolita group photos !

£8 sellers communial stalls by clothing type; £2 shoppers (on the door on the day/paypal transfer); £15 small businesses 1/2 table.

Small of the stall holders that attended:

Stall holders with dedicated space...

Reines de Mignon
Aisha Anime
Fuzzy Moon
Let's go fairily
Tiny Circus Crafts

After assembling the rails and making the tables pretty, we were good to open to the public. We had a vast array of clothing grouped by style - Lolita dresses, skirts, visual kei, cute tops, cut sews, Gothic and more. Accessories included wigs, jewelry, designer bags, braces, makeup, shoes and even corsets! 

There was also ample room to grab lunch and eat inside the venue or purchase some Pimms from the bar. A simply lovely day out to buy and mingle.

View the photos herehttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.681099541944497.1073741842.554115554642897&type=3

Group photo from Felicity

Group photo from Felicity