Kamikaze Girls

Brick Lane Japan Film Festival 2015 by Aisha Anime


Japanese culture has progressively become popular in the UK. Now it is easy to spot  are getting much more popular Japanese restaurants everywhere and there are many Japanese events like “Hyper Japan”.  Brick Lane Japan Film Festival will showcase Japanese Films over three days up until New Years Eve.

Apart from Anime, Jpaan has a lot of talent to showcase and  BJFF aim to show new types
and variety of films mainly to people in East London, and also film fans in the heart of London, Brick lane.
The chosen venue is “5th Base Gallery” located in the Brick Lane, East London. There is big graffiti wall just outside of the night view in Tokyo outside of the gallery, making a great atmosphere for the event. Enjoy the great selection of films alongside some free sake tasting. 

The films  being shown are from “Third Window Films”, a British film company distributing
various kinds of masterpiece Asian films. The selected 7 films are from major and independent, variety types of genre, and all films definitely will give will give new and different experiences. The films are split into 4 categories:

 “Way of Life”

” Girls’ BFF (Best Friend Forever)”


 “Love & Tragedy”
Here is the schedule for the Film Festival:



【January 29th】

18:00  Open

19:00  HANA-BI

The Story of Yonosuke

The Story of Yonosuke

【January 30th】

13:00  The Story of Yonosuke

16:50  Kamikaze Girls

19:00  Shady



【January 31st】

11:30  The Woodsman and the Rain

14:30  The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker

17:00  Confessions

The gallery will open 30 minutes before the film starts(except first day).

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