Whatever you're doing can't possibly be as important as Mysterious Cities of Gold news by shadebug

I have to apologise profusely for not getting this news to you earlier but it turns out that there is currently a KickStarter running to fund getting the new Mysterious Cities of Gold game cross platform and into languages that people who have left school can speak. In fact, I've missed the boat so hard that it's already hit funding and all you're paying for now is stretch goals and a copy of a game which, at the very least, can be guaranteed to have an awesome theme tune. The best theme tune.

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Still like digital manga? Here's your chance to prove it. by shadebug

So you'll remember that we recently told you all about Viz's great efforts to put manga in your pockets, but that's with Shonen Jump, which is the easiest sell since trying to sell chocolate in a school playground. The real one is when you start going into the lesser known classics and niche genres (and occasionally the stuff that's unknown for no good reason), the stuff that no big company wants to translate. That's what Manga Reborn are trying to fix with their fully legal collaborative translation website and, now, with their new KickStarter.

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