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Camcon 2014 by Aisha Anime

camcon cosplay

Camcon stands for ‘Cambridge Convention’ this is one of the smaller cons which is totally independent and run by Ziggy, Andy, Ian and a few more people who get together to pull off a con to showcase Cambridge's finest merchants, artist and aswell as Londoners. This is the first Camcon I have attended and it’s a one day event with parties beginning the Friday night before. Hosted by the Junction an arts and music venue in Cambridge, it has a really student feel as it is situated in the Cambridge Leisure Park Complex with lots of food options at your feet. The event also sold out before the day so house over 2,000 people.

One of the most highly anticipated events was the Cosplay masquerade where people got on stage and performed skits and the room it was housed in was a large lecture hall, the room was brimming with people taking up all the seats and standing.

minty kitty cc

Also in the same room were the panels I particularly enjoyed finding out about getting geek culture into the media from the ‘Let The Geek Out’ which is a radio show, the only FM radio show that broadcasts about geek-culture exclusively and music and the hosts talked about it followed by a Q&A. Loved learning about the opportunities due to my own podcast Otaku Nation.

himezawa stage cc

The dealers rooms were split into two, one outside in a marquee and the second was the main stage area, where you had the auction happening on stage whilst you shopped around at Niche Comics for manga (i picked myself up a bargain Moomin plushie) or got a self portrait from Clover Lee, artist.

In the evening there was an hour where attendees left the building so sellers could pack up then the shopping area became a nice vast space area for people to watch and dance. Saw the performer Himezawa on stage dancing to Kyari Pamyu Pamyu and anime tracks, she debuted in the UK at London Anime Con talking about her cosplays and time at ECG.  She announced on stage she will be going to Japan in Oct to pursue a modelling career.


After a questionable comedian who said an array of sexist and racist comments boiling the blood of attendees near me was glad to have seen lab coat clad ‘All We Earthlings’ (alternative rock band) who formed in 2011 and performed previously at Comcon. They had a great rock vibe to them and lead vocals were superb. Definitely check this guys out ! Upstairs was another private bar where the karaoke was being held you could belt your heart out on some 80’s pop or metal classics in groups or solo. Lots of people were queuing up to have a go (all free of course).

A great day for anime fans or just a family day out it was all family friendly, people were more than willing to stop and pose for Cosplay photos. Staff and volunteers were very helpful and the organisation was spot on. Only thing is we need a even bigger room for the Cosplay masquerade! Find more photos of the event in my album

~Aisha Anime

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Kawaii Korner: Fuzzy moon by Aisha Anime

fuxxy moon logo

Recently I won a giant giveaway from Kawaii B an online community who promote independant handmade brands and they all get together to share their photos and products to the world. One of the contributors was Fuzzy Moon. Which included a plastic sparkly bracelet, robot brooch and fluffy cat ears.

Who are the ppl behind Fuzzy Moon?

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

Photo of Aisha Anime and Jojo from Fuzzy Moon - photo credit to @leagueofextradinarycosplay :D

A  small team of two people: Joana Neto, Brand owner Jordan Terry, Co-owner and partner. For many years, Jojo dreamt of giving people fashion but in lower prices. She never had a fixed genre in mind  as mainstream fashion didn't feel expressive enough. After some of her love of Japan entered the internet and researched Japanese fashion, Fairy Kei and Mahou kei sprung to mind, and she loved how diverse it can be! Diverse, unique with a hint of DIY which shows so much character.

A great advantage was Jojo studied fashion in college, nothing too in detail, just some techniques and projects. She gained confidence to experiment much more in the field with the knowledge she learned. Other than that, its purely a hobby, which they decided to take further and share with everyone who loves the fashion

How did you come up with the name?

"The sparkles of the fashion styles reminds me of the sky and how comfortable everything seemed. That's where the Fuzzy (comfortable feeling) Moon (beautiful stars and galaxies) came from. My items are inspired by dreams, self expression, and magical girls!"

All her items are in fact handmade  even as far as to making mould and such. This gal is hardcore and not afraid of experimenting! Based in the UK, I met up with her at MCM and wore a few of her items on the Catwalk for the Harajuku Fashion show.

Since they are new, starting last year in December "we still are a little baby in this world. But we plan to go to as many conventions as possible."

Top Picks

Eyebow hair clips,

eyeball clips

The eye colours are available in Yellow, blue (two shades), green and brown (two shades). These have so many variations possible, and I really want to explore this design later down the line =) These are actually hair clips but I used it to jazz up my shoes instead - very versatile accessories and very trendy due to the Kyari Pamyu Pamyu faze. $12

Star love necklace

shooting star necklace

Hi magical fairies =). Welcome to the wonderland of Fuzzy Moon, where you can find unique designs for your fairy needs.

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with love, magic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. £13

Shooting star bracelets

shooting star bracelet

Every item is unique, as they are all hand made: colours might be slightly different.All items are crafted in the UK, with lovemagic, glitter and fairy dust. All products are made to order, unless otherwise stated. $3.30

Currently working on some new word necklaces and also designing some clothing, watch this space for more updates -

Lastly what does it mean to you to be part of the Kawaii B community?

Its an honour to be part of the community. Everybody is super friendly too. To gather everyone with the same interests and to help each other when needed for anything, is also what is behind our brand: to offer something unique at a low price so anyone can get anything super cute.

Find more the contributors features on Ukanifest from the Kawaii B collective.

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Photo of Aisha Anime & Jojo from Fuzzy Moon by League Of Extraordinary Cosplayers