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Cosplay Craze by Aisha Anime

So photogenic :-p

So photogenic :-p

SO the Cosplay Craze has surfaced overground and people of Britain are beginning to question this hobby and see who are the people behind the costumes and why they do it.. At London MCM , May 2014, we saw one of the biggest queues yet to the venue for the Otaku culture community.

Held at London Excel, it houses merchandise and entertainment for people into Sci-fi, television, comics, manga, anime, art, plushies, weapon replicas, fashion, games, guest and cosplay. Here me and bunch of friends encountered a reporter and camera man from the BBC investigating the event and wanted to all what all the hype was about revolving cosplay.

They interviewed around 15 people hailing from London to Devon, the general consensus was female, it seems we all want to either be creative or show our appreciation for our hobbies. Ideally I'd like to be a reporter with a steady incoming reporting for these events full time, thi isn't something that comes will-nilly so till that day I work at a marketing company. Everyone has to pay the bills, feed the cats and buy the fabrics for the next cosplay. Int he feature they follow around my friend Becca Moriarty, part of the press team for Anime League and founder of the blog League of Extraordinary Cosplayers in her routine to cosplay at local meets. Again she is someone who has an interest in anime and holds down a full time job. We aren't y different from anyone else.

Watch the full clip here via BBC:

Read my feature regarding the clash of cosplay and Japanese fashion in the latest issue of MYM magazine, available in WHSmiths. ~Aisha Anime~

BBC cosplay craze behind the scenes photo by Stephan!

BBC cosplay craze behind the scenes photo by Stephan!

Comics hit the streets instead of the Cons by Aisha Anime

twisted dark stall

T Publication who bring you the the thriller with the twist - Twisted Dark and Twisted Light will have a pop up stand at Old Street Station this week.

From Monday 12th till Sunday the 18th the team including writer Neil Gibson will be there selling and signing the full range of graphic novels and comics including Twisted Dark volume 1-5, Twisted Light and new Kickstarter project comic TabAtha. 

Also anyone who turns up and simply joins the mailing list received Twisted Dark volume 1 free digitally ! This will be sent via email to be used by Kindles or PDF.

Neil Gibson's and T Publication's mission is to get people to take comics seriously, as in the publishing world they are not taken seriously. More talks to come from Gibson in the future on comics including at MCM Expo London next week.

Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Sat-Sun 12-6pm