Mirai no Neiro

Miku pperforming at Xmas Hyper Japan ?! by Aisha Anime

xmas hj

Attention Vocaloid enthusiasts – Hatsune Miku is set to land at this year's HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market in a big way! For the very first time, the hugely successful Vocaloid volunteer organisation Mirai no Neiro (Sound of the Future) will be gracing UK shores to bring the best in 3D Vocaloid concert technology to our concert room. Fans will be able to watch a large-scale projected image of Miku singing and dancing in all her pigtailed glory at selected show times running throughout the event. Vocaloid-themed talks and activities will also delight both newcomers and veterans to this fascinating music scene, so don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to sing, dance, learn and have fun with Japan’s undisputed pop princess and her fans from around the globe. 

miku hj xmas

As if that wasn't enough excitement,  HYPER JAPAN have decided that guests to their Christmas Market deserve a special festive treat in the form of free samples of delectable Japanese alcoholic beverages, ranging from sweet umeshu (plum wine) to stiffer spirits such as the renowned Suntory and Nikka whiskies. They’ll be making our way around the venue with a tray of delights which over-18s are more than welcome to try out – so why not come along and discover your new favourite drink completely free of charge?  Go to the Hyper Jpan website for more updates. 


~Aisha Anime~