Miyazaki Weighs In, Plus My Two Cents by Christopher Gunn

Hello again interwebbers! It is once again time to anime article. My latest contribution to the world of Asian culture fandom is about a recent interview with Studio Ghibli's own Hayao Miyazaki. I am sure everyone reading this article has already read that one, and surely have his or her own opinions about it by now...

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Breaking: Miyazaki Retiring by Steve Russell


72 year old Hayao Miyazaki is retiring, with Kaze Tachinu being his final feature film. 

With 11 animated features under his belt over the scope of 34 years, Miyazaki has helped to define, and redefine, what animation can mean in film. 

Koji Hoshino, president of Studio Ghibli, revealed the news on Sunday during the Venice Film Festival where Kaze Tachinu was recently screened. Hoshino had this to say:

"Please understand that on that today, I won't be able to answer any questions about the retirement. He sincerely wants to say good-bye to everyone."

There will be an official press conference this Friday in Tokyo, where Miyazaki will explain further what this retirement from film means.  

Is this a retirement from animated movies as a platform, film as a whole, or will he still be around creating shorts? I guess we'll have to find out Friday!

Steve Russell // @stevetendo