Aisha Anime Interviews: Blue Exorcist Director & producer at MCM London Expo by Aisha Anime

Blue Exorcist: The Movie

Blue Exorcist: The Movie

True to tradition, MCM London expo revealed day by day the great guests they had in store for us attendees to meet. One of the real exciting last minute high profile guests such as Blue Exorcist: The Movie’s director Atsushi Takahashi and producer Takamitsu Inoue. The anime was a roaring success in the UK and USA.

London MCM Expo was packed again this year and it was not a suprise with high profile guests such as Blue Exorcist: The Movie’s director Atsushi Takahashi and producer Takamitsu Inoue.

Takamitsu Inoue's career began at anime studio Production I.G, eventually he moved to Aniplex where he took part in the development of titles such as the famous Naruto series and recent horror novel adaptation Shiki. Following work as a producer for the popular Blue Exorcist TV series, Inoue most recent project is last December’s (2013) Blue Exorcist: The Movie.

Blue Exorcist: The Movie marks Atsushi Takahashi feature film debut. Starting out in charge of production of Nasu: Summer In Andalusia, Takahashi was also the assistant director on the acclaimed Studio ghibli anime movie Spirited Away. He has also worked in TV as assistant director of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashiand Kemonodzume, before directing sci-fi racing show Rideback in 2009. 

I was able to catch up with Takahashi and Inoue to talk about the Blue Exorcist: The Movie , I even wore blue ! They said I should visit Harajuku in Japan that I would like it there for the fashion - I highly agree. 

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What's on at MCM London Comic Con May 2014? by Aisha Anime

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Anime, Cosplay & Asian Culture

    This show's Anime Guests of Honour are Blue Exorcist: The Movie's director Atsushi Takahashi (Rideback) and producer Takamitsu Inoue (Naruto, Shiki).

    Announced today special guest Greg Cipes known fro Beast Boy from Teen Titans, Kevin from Ben 10 and recently Michelangelo from The Lego Movie plus more !

    Special guest Wendee Lee has voiced some of anime's most iconic heroines, including Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star's Konata Izumi and Cowboy Bebop's Faye Valentine.

wendee lee

    The UK's three leading anime distributors - Manga Entertainment, MVM Entertainment and Anime Limited  - will be taking part in an on-stage industry panel.

    JapanEx has been expanded to create a new PopAsia zone, packed with all the vibrant colour, delicious food, beautiful art and fabulous fashion of traditional and modern Asia.

    As well as hosting a Cosplay Masquerade, MCM London Comic Con will be the venue for the UK qualifiers of the EuroCosplay Championships, Europe's biggest cosplay competition.

harajuku fashion show

   There is also the Harajuku Fashion show at MCM that I will be participating in please do come along and say Hi ^_^ The theme for spring is "Tokyo Galaxy" on the Japan X Stage. It will be sponsored by Roxie Sweetheart & Dreamy Bows as always, with a chance to model their accessories! They have chosen a selection of fabulous fashionistas to represent as many Tokyo fashions as possible, informing the audience about the styles we love, some of which they may be less familiar with.

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