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STEINS;GATE is set to release in Europe on PS3 and PS Vita on the 5th of June 2015 by Aisha Anime

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Our friends over at PQube are pleased to announce that MAGES., 5pb. and Science Adventure Team’s critically acclaimed STEINS;GATE will be coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems on Friday the 5th of June in Europe – as both a physical and digital release.

GAME (UK) will also be exclusively stocking the Limited Edition which includes;

Limited Edition STEINS;GATE on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita containing;
Gorgeous, premium quality 126 page artbook featuring CG and Key Artwork.

The Limited Edition version of Steins;Gate is available exclusively from GAME.

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STEINS;GATE is the much anticipated, critically acclaimed Visual Novel that follows a bunch of misfits and young scientists who discover a way of sending text messages back into the past.

As their meddling in time begins to spiral out of control – they become embroiled in a complex conspiracy that threatens not just their lives, but the future of humanity.

Widely considered to be the finest Visual Novel ever made, STEINS;GATE weaves a unique and intricate story that can be shaped using the ‘Phone Trigger’ system – where the protagonist’s mobile phone offers players a myriad of choices that present themselves as the plot progresses, culminating in multiple outcomes and endings.

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Steins;Gate Part One left a pretty indelible impression on me. It had been a while since I’d watched an anime that was so on point with its story, characters, sense of humor and, importantly, its incredibly intelligent themes and ideas, all so neatly wrapped into the pretty package that comprised Steins;Gate Part One. And what a cliff hanger Episode #12 left us with!

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There’s been a lot of buzz over the release of 2011’s Steins;Gate over here in the UK. It seems that a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting, and actively talking, about this series; even before its official release this past Monday. Tobika, for one, couldn’t stop raving about it to me when we initially started discussing it, and so it was with an, admittedly, slightly cocked eyebrow and guarded attitude of ‘let’s see what the big deal is’ that I settled down to start my journey into the world of Steins;Gate.

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