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Shorts on Tap: Tokyo Calling by Aisha Anime

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Being the first event I have attended of Shorts on Tap called 'Tokyo Calling' read the review here.

The event had a great line up of seven short films from the great land of the rising sun. This included an anime, a documentary type, action, thriller and an English filmed short.

'Tokyo Calling' is  the precursor of their first event abroad in 2015, 'London Calling' to be held in the very heart of Tokyo's Shibuya  on February 9th. 2015.

2 events, 2 islands 5700 miles apart will meet in a cultural exchange through short film-making, Shorts on Tap have had a very interesting cocept of share the shorts across both countries like brothers in arms.

Shorts on Tap worked closely with consulting curator Mr Karatani from The Japanese Film Industry Council whose help was precious in making this event possible.

Discussing, debating, commenting on the films with their directors. A great opportunity to check out new work, expand your network, listen and get involved with directors of the movies, make friends and enjoy a night out checking some great talent. 

Shorts on Tap aims to show a screening every week in the hidden gem venue, Shorditch.

Who are Shorts on Tap ? 

What happened at 'Tokyo Calling' ?

~Aisha Anime~

CHIRURI by Kawasaki

CHIRURI by Kawasaki