Shorts on Tap: Tokyo Calling by Aisha Anime

shorts on tap

Being the first event I have attended of Shorts on Tap called 'Tokyo Calling' read the review here.

The event had a great line up of seven short films from the great land of the rising sun. This included an anime, a documentary type, action, thriller and an English filmed short.

'Tokyo Calling' is  the precursor of their first event abroad in 2015, 'London Calling' to be held in the very heart of Tokyo's Shibuya  on February 9th. 2015.

2 events, 2 islands 5700 miles apart will meet in a cultural exchange through short film-making, Shorts on Tap have had a very interesting cocept of share the shorts across both countries like brothers in arms.

Shorts on Tap worked closely with consulting curator Mr Karatani from The Japanese Film Industry Council whose help was precious in making this event possible.

Discussing, debating, commenting on the films with their directors. A great opportunity to check out new work, expand your network, listen and get involved with directors of the movies, make friends and enjoy a night out checking some great talent. 

Shorts on Tap aims to show a screening every week in the hidden gem venue, Shorditch.

Who are Shorts on Tap ? 

What happened at 'Tokyo Calling' ?

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CHIRURI by Kawasaki

CHIRURI by Kawasaki

Game: Disgaea 4 Revisted by Aisha Anime

Disgaea 4 Revisited

Platform: PS Vita

Publisher: Nis

Price: £29.99

The fourth in the series, Disgaea is back with quirky weapon descriptions and cheesy jokes which we love it for. This game does not take itself seriously and laughs at itself as we follow the topsey turvey Netherworld. Using old school RPG fighting methods similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics, where strategy is key to winning.

The PS Vita remake is an enhanced port of the 2011 PlayStation 3 title originally named A Promise Unforgotten. The Disgaea games, in my opinion work best on a handheld console as it is easier to grind through stages to level up items/weapons whilst sitting on the train than focusing your free time at home on it. Also the updated version is worth investing in because of all the new additions and changes including extra music tracks, new character classes, DLC and new scenarios !

disgaea4 official art

We are now following a new set of characters – this time we follow a vampire protagonist who is interestingly enough no one in power but a mere Prinny Instructor. He has been landed this role after losing his former strength after a foolish promise (made 400 years ago)to not drink human blood again – and substitutes his blood lust with sardines.  This plot filled me with joy meaning the iconic Penguin demons lacky’s are now an integral part of the story.

When the government orders the mass extermination of all Prinnies, Valvatorez sets off with his loyal vassal, Fenrich, to stop the madness. The game counts his attempts to overthrow the government and pokes fun at real life politics including some jokes relating to President Obama. Also the politics overflow in to the gameplay now including calling assembly. Any seasoned Disgaea player knows you ‘call assembly’ to unlock new character classes, hidden areas, character strengths. Now via the new ‘Cam-pain HQ’ you can also arrange people on the Netherworld to protect it from Government attacks which also give the user additional stat boosts. Also bribe senators into giving you rare items or abilities and set up your own cabinet where your foreign minister choosing from your own character set list.

gameplay d4

Also when unlocking new characters you also see them making a vote pledge to gain votes via respectable or corrupt methods, this is another amusing addition to the game. The game has the usual tutorials for explaining each new feature which is worth checking out if you are new to the game. It However the game itself leaves hints within the game.

The only drawback with the PS Vita version is it brings nothing new to the series as a whole, no development in graphics we still have the high resolution 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds which makes the game so charming to me but not so much for the modern gamer.

stage clear

DIsgaea 4 Revisited still offers plenty of appeal to both new and old fans; just in a dofferent point of view. The story itself is great to follow and see the characters develop like Fuka the teenager who thinks decending to the Netherworld is all just a dream and wears a school uniform as the Prinny hides ran out. Then one of the big bosses takes a liking to Fuka and decides to become her adopted sister (against Fuka’s will as she thinks the demon is gross.)

The Final Word

This is one of the best JRPG’s on the handheld market holding together a great script with top notch voice acting and a great new cast of characters since the first game. Minor changes to the tactical aspects to keep things fresh and of course new additions to this game including new scenarios/story to follow, unlocking new character classes and lots of DLC. If you want to see development in the Disgaea series Disgaea 5 is what you want to watch out for.

Score: 9/10

Read my review of Disgaea D2 here.

~Aisha Anime~

fighting d4

Zipangu Fest vs Frank Chickens by Aisha Anime

                                                                     New contemporary Zipangu fest Logo

                                                                     New contemporary Zipangu fest Logo

Zipangu Fest vs Frank Chickens was an unusual blend of movies and live music and was pleased to announce the full programme:

Tatamp (Mirai Mizue, 2011), 6 mins.

Japanese American Toy Theatre of London presents James Bonk in Mat Blackfinger (Akiko Hada, 1988), 12 mins.

Wife’s Knife (Yoshihiro Ito, 2006), 10 mins.

Animal Kingdom (Devi Kobayashi, 2010), 12 mins.


Frank Chickens – The Movie (Robert Makin, Ollie Verschoyle, 2013), 14 mins.

Frank Chickens - special live performance



I love London

Non Intervention Game (Yoshihiro Ito, 2008), 9 mins.

The Good Wife of Tokyo (Kim Longinotto, 1993), 52 mins.

Wonder (Mirai Mizue, 2013), 8 mins.


Also including a surprise showing from Takashi Iitsuka, Creator of 'Encounters' animated movie 'Ninja Theory'. Another surprise was having the number one shamisen player in the Uk, Hibiki, attend and play along with Frank Chickens.


The night was hosted at The Cinema Museum once an abode for a young Charlie Chaplin now a homage to the star and other movie greats, with historical memorabilia. They also had a  home made cakes and a great selection of beers for people to purchase between showing and well needed.

With a huge turn of course with the rare chance to see Frank Chickens strutting their feathers on stage.  It was a wonder how they could all fit on the stage with grabbing people from the audience to join in the dancing. You definitely left the event feeling uplifted if not huffing and puffing from a great work out.

The films included - featured lead linger of Frank Chickens, Kazuko Hohki. The Good Wife of Tokyo was a documentary of her past looking at the need of marriage and how Japanese women were being treated in society. I love London looked at foreigners/tourists in London sightseeing and having misconceptions over behavior where Honki played a Japanese business woman not being able to related to her estranged daughter, seeking help from a French Opere, Selphine.

We also look at a lost British tourist wondering around Japan seeing a bewildered and walked over Japanese girl, overs her help after a smile. Non Intervention Game shows how kindness can be taken and abused. Watch to find out the cruel irony of this short film.

Also it premiered Frank Chickens – The Movie by Robert Makin, Ollie Verschoyle, this showed the rise of the band and the many additions from a modest three to possible over 20 now. It was great to see how the buzz has increased over the years for the band and they are credited for their comments on Japanese society and great fashion sense.