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Sci-Fi London: Anime Allnighter by Aisha Anime

Anticipated anime  Blood-C: The Last Dark

Anticipated anime Blood-C: The Last Dark

They are make for their mid-year all nighter presenting some of the best Japanese animations out now and un released on cinemas this is your chance to see them all back to back. The notorious Animé allnighter is well-loved and starts in the bar bringing back the famous Mangawall and DJ, and ends early in the morning after a night of ultra-eye-candy! Each year varies with freebies from DVD's to free snacks !

Films :

Paterna Inverted

Blood-C: The Last Dark


Kill La Kill

Gurren Lagaan

Space Dandy


Book your tickets at Picturehouse website. Only screening at Stratford branch on Sat 26th April at 11pm.

Duration:  517 mins

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