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Summer 2013 Anime Craze by UKAnifest

During the hot Summer, the best thing to do is to head to the pool.....agree?

Currently in Asia, fan-girls are going crazy over the much anticipated swimming anime "Free", featuring lots of hot guys with well-build bodies and looks. Summer is the best season for all the fujoushi out there, lots of bishies/ikemen for their entertainment.

The story center around 4 boys, all with feminine names such as Haruka, Nagisa, Mako, and Rin. They were separated after elementary school and each went their separate ways untill Rin returns to his hometown to challenge Haruka for a swimming match. Nagisa formed the swimming club in hope to meet Rin in the Interschool Swimming matches. Most of the episodes reveals conflicts between Rin and Haruka including their past which leads to Rin's resentment towards Haruka.

I love how each characters are develop, each has their own distinctive personality and there were some funny moments. Nagisa recruited Rei after watching his track practice believing he has talent in sports, however, Rei sank into the pool and nearly drown himself once he jump into the water. I laughed my heart out which each episodes as it really is funny to watch. Currently, 4 episodes has been aired and still running. Free is aired every week on Wednesday in Japan.

I can't wait for the next episode, I wonder how Rei will be doing after his swimming lessons.