Shojo Manga: Japanese Girl’s Comic’s Exhibiting in UK by Aisha Anime

Calling all Manga fans! The first major exhibition of Japanese Shōjo manga in the UK has opened and runs till the beginning of June.

After such great introduction from the Japan Foundation suddenly the popularity of shojo manga has been realised and more avenues have been opened.

Running from Friday 18th March 2016 – Sunday 12th June 2016, House of Illustration hosts the first major exhibition of Japanese Shōjo manga. Theexhibition includes featuring ‘Genga’ (Dash) prints of the pioneering work of 1970s manga artists Akiko Hatsu and Keiko Takemiya, and contemporary artist Yukiko Kai.

Japan’s shōjo manga culture dates back to the post-war years, but only evolved into the broad-ranging and hugely-popular form of today as a result of the innovative work of a small group of artists in the 1970s.


The exhibition is running in association with the Kyoto International Manga Museum and The Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

House of Illustration is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm.

The gallery is also running manga workshops for families and teens during March and April.

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Aisha visits the Cereal Killer Cafe and survives ! by Aisha Anime

cereal window



How much: small - cereal - £2.50, Medium £3.00 and large £3.50 (basic milk included)
The Cereal Killer Cafe run by brothers Alan & Gary Geery, follows a line of pop up shops that specialise in niche things like maid cafe, butler cafe, Lady Dinah's Cat cafe and more. This is the UKs first speciality Cereal Cafe, they are obsessed with everything cereal related and even sell memorabilia.

tony cell

In total they sell over 120 different types of cereal from around the world, To create the perfect bowl of cereal you can choose from 30 different varieties of milk and 20 different toppings from candy sprinkles to fresh fruit. The bowls come in one size but you have an option of three portions of cereal, if you select medium or large you are welcome to mix different types of cereal together.

The cereals are split into two sections American and British brands so you can indulge in the acclaimed Lucky Charms only available in the USA or seasonal ones which will be available stills tocks last or go for good old fashioned Kellog's Frosties if your not feeling adventurous.

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers ate strawberry flavoured ghosts mixed with another fruity brand

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers ate strawberry flavoured ghosts mixed with another fruity brand

This place is a great alternative for coffee and dessert  lovers as it serves hot drinks and pop tarts too. A great way to spend breakfast, lunch or dinner in the nostalgic cafe displaying hundreds of pieces of memorabilia displayed from the 80s and 90s. The only draw back is the dim lighting for evenings as me and my friends attended at 9pm.

Also people with special dietary requirements can eat with ease with a basic option of skimmed, semi skimmed and whole milk included or upgrade to soya, oat, alpro, rice for an extra 0.40p

My choice of the evening was Reese's Peanut butter puffs with semi skimmed milked topped with coconut syrup. It suprisingly was not sickeningly sweet. The coconut syrup is a great alternative to sugar or honey which dilutes in the milk. 

Press about this cafe has been mixed and I think after visiting you realise it is a place to socialise and snack like a n alternative to a coffee shop. It is not something you may do everyday (or you may if your bonkers about cereal). Great place to shake up your routine and enjoy the surroundings of bricklane. You can also hire the venue for events!  ~Aisha Anime~

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Reese puffs selfie

Tekken 7's new character Lucky Chloe: kawaii or annoying? by Aisha Anime

lucky chloe

The latest new character to be announced for the most anticipated fighting game of 2015, Tekken 7, is a breakdancing catgirl called Lucky Chloe. She has been added to the list with: Katerina, Kazumi and Claludio. Find out more about them here.

During the Tekken 20th anniversary celebrations in Japan, Tekken chief Katsuhiro Harada revealed another new character to the roaster called Lucky Chloe. A brand new cute female character for the series wearing cat ears and paws - here she is in action.

Strangely after the announcement of Lucky Chloe, the fan base has been vocal on how much they dislike her character design on Japanese idol. In defense other fans highlight the fact the Tekken series has a tradition of included outlandish characters, many of which are designed to appeal to a Japanese audience and why not include Lucky to that list.

Tekken 7, built on Epic's Unreal Engine 4, is due out in Japanese arcades in February 2015, with no western date released as of yet but expected on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Twitter comments to Harada include

“Did Harada have a seizure or something”
“absolute TRASH.”
“what is this piece of shit supposed to be”
“Hopefully they will do reverse DLC and add an option to REMOVE characters from the game”

Katsuhiro Harada responded by saying "I'm always serious. If you don't need = I don't release them. If you need = I'll release. That's all." Alongside Bandai namco, Harada has wanted to expand the diversity of audience with his characters making it more universal, this also includes new character with attire from the Middle East which has yet to be named or given more info on.

What are people's opinions on Lucky Chloe? Is she a stereotype but aren't then Lillie or Marshal Law? Hopefully things will simmer down and people will not demonise the game on not taking a fancy to a new character. As a long time Tekken fan I am pleased to see more female characters and have seen a rise in young ladies taking interest just becuase of the conceptual art of Lucky Chloe. ~ Aisha Anime ~

lucky chloe fighting