13 COINS Launch Event at Rockwell House by Aisha Anime

13 Coins Banner

13 Coins Banner

13 Coins, The new comic book from from Eisner award winning artist Simon Bisley (Batman :judgement on Gotham, Lobo), and writers Martin Brennan and Michael B Jackson (Hitman : Absolution)…

Rockwell House will host an evening of live painting and Exhibit unique pieces from Contemporary Comic and Graffiti Artists.

The story of a new superhero, John Pozner, a tormented ex-com on a quest for vengeance, when he discovers that he is descended from Angels, and is the living key to the Earth's future, or Heaven's fall.

They are also having special guest the incredibly talented Rufus Dayglo (Tank Girl) painting at the event on the 2nd of October. He has been smashing it recently and been working on some super secret sketchings that I can't talk about for fear of being disembowled by the editors teaspoon (still hot from his tea).

When: Thursday, October 2at 6:00pm

Where: Rockwell House, 10-14 Hewett Street, EC2A 3NN London, United Kingdom

Show me the moneh: Free!

More info about 13 coins:

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