Could you Irish up this coffee please? by Mark Egan


Hello, Hei, Dia Duit and Ni Hao to you all!! :D

My name is Mark (sometimes also known online as 'Rawr') and I am genuinely very excited to join the crew here at UKAnifest! I hope to do my level-best to provide you with blog posts that you will find both fun and informative. I come to you as both a massive fan of Anime, and as a wannabe web-manga artist who's been spending the past few years putting together some tales of his own making. I love storytelling, and I am delighted when a story is told well, which is probably why I enjoy Anime so much.

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Spreading The Butter Too Thin? by Chris Tang


My name's Chris, and I'll be joining the UKAnifest blogging team.

I was both surprised and happy when I received the invitation; surprised, as I only just started blogging for the first time a scant month ago. Happy, obviously that my writing had actually been read, and was being appreciated, and also happy to join a community of like-minded people.

My blog is over at if anyone fancies taking a look; I've been told I can give it a little plug ;) I'll be pretty much writing about similar stuff here as I am over there, i.e. anything I can think of that's related to Asian culture!

Anyway, some stuff about me (if you're interested); I was born thirty-something years ago, my family are Malaysian Chinese, but I'm UK born and very much English, culturally.

I'm an animation/illustration graduate, although unfortunately don't really do any of that sort of thing these days.

I've always had an affinity toward East Asian culture, from watching Battle of the Planets (aka Gatchaman), the puppetry of Star Fleet: X-Bomber, and Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon in the early eighties; Ulysses 31 (great theme song!), The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Thunderbirds 2086, and the occasional episode of Around the World with Willy Fog in the mid-eighties; to being aware of what anime actually was in the early nineties, prompting me to find out more.

It was also in the early nineties that I found my love for Hong Kong cinema, specifically Kung Fu movies (although I did go on to love Heroic Bloodshed films too, as well as the odd comedy, horror, or drama). Jackie, Sammo and Yuen Biao were the obvious faves at the time, but there's so much more than that to discover.

In the early 2000's, I discovered J-Pop, by way of stumbling upon Puffy's website and listening to some samples; I was instantly hooked! I already loved the music of Shonen Knife and Pizzicato Five in the early nineties, but there was no internet at the time (imagine that!) so I couldn't look any further than that. A year or two later I branched out into K-Pop and C-Pop, as well Japanese ska, punk, rock, and metal. Obviously I'm into plenty of other types of music too; not boy-bands though! I'm chiew_76 on if anyone wants to add me or compare what we listen to.

It was also in the early 2000's that I got into Japanese movies, closely followed by Korean cinema too. More recently, in the last seven years or so, I have gotten into Thai movies, starting with Ong Bak. Tony Jaa sure packs a punch! And a Kick! And a knee to the face! And an elbow to the top of your head!! The same can be said for Jeeja Yanin; you should check out her movies too! Last year's The Raid was amazing too; maybe I should look at Indonesian cinema...

And then recently, I've started getting into PVC anime figures, but these come pretty expensive, so it could just be a part-time hobby for me.

So, you may think that I'm spreading the butter (me) a bit thinly over this toast (the vast, multifaceted world of Asian culture); haha bad blog post title I know! I probably am, but I just can't help myself; I love this stuff, and I'll do my best to write all about it! I'm pretty slow these days, and don't necessarily have the voracious appetite that I had ten years ago, so I may not keep totally up to date. There's so much entertainment out there, and it moves so quickly, it's difficult to keep up with it all. So don't be surprised if I tend to look back at the past.

I'll post about anything that peaks my interest, so long as it's related to Asia!

Anyway, sorry for rambling on for so long. Thanks UKAnifest for inviting me here, and I look forward to sharing my views with everyone and hearing what you have to say too!