Heavens's Lost Rebelión by UKAnifest

Hi Civilians,

 Our very own Christopher Gunn has emailed us to let us know how his comic is coming along... If you are not familiar Chris Gunn used to write for UKAnifest but has pursued his hobby and created a manga.

The Sticky

"Heaven’s Lost Rebellion is the beginning of the SFTD Chronicles.  It is a story of war and honor, trust and betrayal, and love and love lost.  It is a war between two brothers and the civilization trapped in the middle.  The Tactical Archangel Organization is the legionnaires loyal to The Father, while Lucas leads the Freedom Army of the Nephilim as their Neo God.  Lucas’ intentions are to correct the errors of his father’s way of ruling, but does he actually have the right to alter the fate of an entire existence?"

The End?

 The manga and anime community need to get behind this as they are already on the second part of the story! Good luck to Chris and the team...