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Kawaii Korner: Sugar Trampoline by Aisha Anime

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Who are the people behind Sugar Trampoline?

My name is Shalisa and I run Sugar Trampoline by myself!

How did S.T. come about?

I've always enjoyed crafting and being creative, but never had the confidence to take it any further than an occasional hobby. Last summer I decided to take the plunge and began crafting seriously, perfecting item designs and preparing for the eventual launch of an online shop. I tested the waters by putting a few items in a bring and buy sale at a lolita convention, which boosted my confidence as some items sold. The whole process was slow going as I had university work to complete as well, but by the end of the year I had achieved what I wanted to do and was beginning to sell items online!

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Did you study jewelry making or was it a hobby turned job?

I guess you could say it's a hobby turned job. I learnt through trial and error, and looking at pictures of jewelry I liked! Still, in terms of formal training, next year I'm hoping to do a garment construction course in the hopes of expanding my brand with the skills I'll learn from it. I want to make Sugar Trampoline as professional as possible and I'm always looking at ways to improve my items.

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How did you come up with the name?

I got it from the lyrics of one of my favourite songs by a rather obscure band named Jellyfish! I thought it sounded really cute and fun, which is the image I wanted my brand to have.

What is the inspiration behind the items you make or sell?

I have been into Japanese street fashion for years, and wear lolita fashion myself, so that serves as my main influence. One of my biggest inspirations is Tavuchi, owner of the Japanese clothing shop Spank! I love the idea of combining kawaii with vintage to create a range of items that don't have to have a specific style label.

Are all your items handmade?

Everything is either handmade/hand assembled, or vintage/upcycled!

Where are you based-- UK or outside?

I'm based in the UK, in south-east England.

Do you go and sell at conventions?

Yes, but only small local events so far! I hope to be able to venture out to larger ones further afield next year.
Top three Products:

1. My top product would have to be my ribbon hair bows!

st bows

These bows are simple and sweet, so they can suit people who wear a wide range of styles. I think this is why they do well! Plus they are affordable, which is important to me in terms of making cute items accessible for everyone.

2. Another top product would be my felt canotiers. 

Felt Canotiers. 

Felt Canotiers. 

The idea behind those was to take the lolita hair accessory and give it a more vintage, almost beret-style vibe. The two canotier styles I made unexpectedly sold out!

3. My first international order included a lace collar so I think it's worth a mention!

st collar

I really love the idea of being able to add an accessory to a plain t-shirt to transform it. I also make felt collars. I just love collars!

Any new items you're working on?

I'm having a lot of fun widening the range of earrings I sell (I've even ended up making pairs for myself to keep!) I've been wanting to restock canotiers, and I've been getting started on a line of really cute customised berets! They've been growing in popularity in the J-fashion community and I'd love to be able to provide somewhere UK fashionistas can purchase them from without having to order from overseas.
What does it mean to you to be part of the Kawaii-B community?

It means being able to spread the word about Japanese street fashion in the UK, creating useful resources that will hopefully help to make participating in kawaii culture a lot easier for us.
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