Why to Watch: School-Live! by shadebug

OK, so clearly nobody followed my instructions in my last post where I asked you to, sight unseen, watch School-Live! I even gave you this link so that all you would have to do is click on it and waste 24 minutes of your life.

Now I still want you to know nothing about that first episode when you watch it but if you must be spoilt then come with me while I explain why it was worth me coming out of my year long slumber to tell you about this.

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Haven’t you figured it out yet? You can build all the giant robots you want, and it only makes us late for school! by Mark Egan

Today I bring you back into the 80’s yet again and to a madcap series of sci-fi comedies that were never really intended to exist as they were. This was Project A-ko, and not only did it raise the bar on humour in sci-fi Anime, but also with how ‘destructible’ animated sets could become!

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What to Watch: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour by shadebug

There's a certain breed of person that isn't happy with their romance unless it's incredibly awkward. There's another breed of person who isn't happy with a show unless it has a ridiculously long and impossible to remember name. If you happen to be the elusive crossbreed of those two people then let me tell you about The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour.

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