Heavens's Lost Rebelión by UKAnifest

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 Our very own Christopher Gunn has emailed us to let us know how his comic is coming along... If you are not familiar Chris Gunn used to write for UKAnifest but has pursued his hobby and created a manga.

The Sticky

"Heaven’s Lost Rebellion is the beginning of the SFTD Chronicles.  It is a story of war and honor, trust and betrayal, and love and love lost.  It is a war between two brothers and the civilization trapped in the middle.  The Tactical Archangel Organization is the legionnaires loyal to The Father, while Lucas leads the Freedom Army of the Nephilim as their Neo God.  Lucas’ intentions are to correct the errors of his father’s way of ruling, but does he actually have the right to alter the fate of an entire existence?"

The End?

 The manga and anime community need to get behind this as they are already on the second part of the story! Good luck to Chris and the team... 

Mark Green's New Comic - Jinhai's Justice by Aisha Anime

mark green comic

Jinhai's Justice - the comic (Grey Faction OVA) is set to be released this march (2015) on Amazon, barnes & noble, and selected stores.

Mark will also be selling this original comic at MCM London, be sure to stop by the comic village section to purchase a signed copy. Below you'll find an early preview of the comic. Enjoy.
To preorder this comic, send £10 via paypal to with the title of the comic, please include your name and posting address in the comments section on 

Mark Green's novel: GREY FACTION, IS TO BE MADE A MAINSTEAM NOVEL, AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE FROM 500 DIFFERENT RETAILERS! (about time!) From all the conventions he has attended selling his book it is great to see it being reinvented and people realising the potential. 

Available to buy from:


Comicana Festival: Junko Mizuno Q&A in London! by Aisha Anime

junko foyles

FIne art and manga fans would have tracked done this intimate event arranged by Comica Festival at Foyles Charring Cross road. On Wednesday 22nd October 2014 for an hour and a half we listened to comics artist, publisher and curator Jason Atomic talk to Junko about her career.

Moving from Tokyo to San Francisco, Mizuno has become a global sensation, which was helped by endorsement from Jonathan Ross on his show Japanorama. We celebrated her signature 'creepy cute' blend of art and manga. Her dark-erotic re-tellings of familiar fairytales like Hansel and Gretel, Cinderalla gained her respect and she moved on to Music posters, music art, sculptures at the recent Hello Kitty catwalk and now has completed her EU revamp of her graphic novel Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu.

food junko

Part of Comica Festival 2014, Mizuno spoke with Jason Atomic about her dabbles in different projects. She despised her art being branded as 'grotesque kawaii' and was not afraid to move from manga to fine art and sculptures. Starting off at Japan's famous Comicket to being interviewed by Jonathan Ross she has come along way and eventually moved to the USA for more jobs.

The Q&A was opened up to the floor and the audience asked things like what is your favourite subject to draw and Junko explained food and when she was commissioned to do gig posters without a doubt she would add in food no matter the idea. Her art took up to three weeks but since she got bored easily she took breaks often, hid her work from sight so she always looked at it with fresh eyes. What was really inspiring was she spoke about what came to mind she drew to paper straight away there was never a plan of what she would draw. Whatever she began drawing she would add things along the way.

A great one off event worth the ticket price to meet one of the reasons I was drawn to Manga.

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