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mayamada is teaming up with Ubisoft in 2016 for another round of social gaming 

Japanese inspired character brand mayamada who have featured in the pages of anime and lifestyle giants NEO Magazine, Vogue and GQ. Today the company have announced their latest video game event will take place on Saturday 26th of March, 2016. 

GamePad! is London’s newest social gaming event. With the clamour for online play, mayamada are championing social gaming by bringing people together for real world fun. Join them for a fun­packed afternoon of video games, prizes, shopping and cakes this Easter season. 

The Petit Miracle Hub, West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherd's Bush is the destination for a free experience made for gamer guys and girls, cosplayers and all who enjoy events served with a healthy helping of J­Culture.  

Since launching GamePad! in 2015, mayamada have seen their event featured in Time Out, LastMinute.Com and The Evening Standard. They have built a passionate community over five events and are now partnering with Ubisoft! 

The international video game publisher will be making an appearance at GamePad! to hold a fastest time competition on the new TrackMania Turbo. The gamer with the fastest time and the end of the day will take home copies of Far Cry® Primal, the next exciting chapter in the critically acclaimed Far Cry franchise, and the highly anticipated Tom Clancy’s The Division, an immersive online, open­world action RPG! 

That’s not all as you’ll also be greeted to an expanded lineup of games courtesy of gaming event specialists NthGen Interactive and MonHun Offline. A great list of games will be playable including Mario Kart, Mario Maker, Street Fighter V and fan favorite Super Smash Bros.  All that plus an area reserved just for Nintendo DS gaming means you won’t be without a controller for long. But it’s not all fun and games as GamePad! will have serious competitions and cold hard prizes up for grabs.  

The competitive spirit will continue with the Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament that will see up to 16 players battle for the chance to win a brand new Nintendo Amiibo and a mayamada prize bundle of clothing and comics. 

Easter Treats At GamePad!

GamePad! is (cookie) sandwiched in the Easter festivities, and after a mouth­watering showing at last year’s events, cake­makers Kupsbakery will be back with a selection of delicious cakes, brownies and cookies for the season.  

Spring Shopping At GamePad!

In between rounds of gaming you can also take a break for some retails therapy. At mayamada’s pop up shop you can buy products from their range of comics, casual clothing and even uniquely flavoured chocolate bars (green tea chocolate anyone?). 

The mayamada brand has captivated fans at the biggest conventions in the UK and Europe, and now you can be a part of the mayamada experience at the spring edition of GamePad!. 

So get ready for this amazing day out in London and celebrate social gaming movement this spring! For your free tickets, head to 

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London Super Comic Con 2015 by Aisha Anime

London Super Comic Con has been the most understated UK convention in my opinion, with its debut in the  2012 - the convention focuses on U.S and European creators, exhibitors, publishers and dealers for comics, merchandise and now cosplay. It was only when cosplay sensation Yaya Han flew to the UK in 2014 to be judge of the Cosplay contest did the convention get a burst of new attendees.

2014 was my first LSCC and I was impressed by the number of comic guests that attended including the creators of The Walking Dead, Johnathan Ross, Yaya Han Riddle's Messy Closet. This year was no less and winners of the last LSCC cosplay contest returned as guests - Nikita and Annashella.


This years event had a variety of news things such as the Sy-Fy booth where you could get a 360 degree angle video of you in your cosplay for free! You got the video emailed to yourself and received a Sy-Fy tote bag and goodies including a book, dvd and sweets.

People had to get free tickets in order to see Johnathan Ross self proclaimed geek/otaku who was promoting his new comic book at the event. He happily chatted to his fans, signed items and posed for photos. In the queue with us to see him was Johnny Vegas, comedian and actor who came as an attendee with his son. Amongst Wossy you all had featured guest Sean Kelly alongside co stars from Storage Hunters there signing prints and taking selfies.

The great thing about LSCC was most of the guests were free to get autographs and photos with. There was a cosplay area where Yaya Han, Kamuii Cosplay, Laura Sindell, Tabatha Lyons from Artyfakes, and many more where situated so everything was laid out quite well. The press desk was made into the Daily Bugle building from Super Man - never were props thought out so well.

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Catch up with....Himezawa by Aisha Anime



Himezawa is a cosplayer from Germany. She came to the Uk originally to be a guest at London Anime and Gaming convention with her mother, it is here she decided to stay in the UK and study acting. That same year she participated in the Hyper Japan Fashion show sponsored by Amisobi System in conjunction with moshi moshi nippon and got headhunted. I was able to walk the same catwalk as a now model, singer and writer.

Since my original she has come along way and is hoping to raise money for charity since the news of her friend getting cancer. Whatever you can spare Just Give :-)

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